Stupid depression stupid

My dysthymia has gotten better. My average mood is not as low as it used to be. And my dives into deep depression are not as deep, nor as frequent.

All of which is fantabulous.

But the downside I’m being reminded of now?

It means I’ve lost many of my coping mechanisms.

So this deeper bout I’m going through today I am totally stuck by. I’m not as practiced (and thus as good) at shaking it off.

Stupid depression stupid.

Can’t better just mean better?


Filed under Invisible Illnesses, Life

2 responses to “Stupid depression stupid

  1. Dear Depression,

    You suck.

    That is all.

  2. Kathryn

    Better should mean better, I agree. And depression should take a short walk off a long pier. I hope your day gets better. And that tomorrow is better, too, since today is almost over.

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