Portland Art

This weekend I spent some wonderful, relaxing, escapist time with my sweet hubby enjoying the nearby city of Portland. Saturday we went to the Saturday Market, and at one of the last booths I ran into artist Tricia Beck who runs Red Parasol Productions. And completely fell in love with her work.

I was in love with so many of her paintings it was hard to pick. She had gorgeous prints, for a very reasonable $10-$20. But she also had something extremely unique, textured prints on 1/2″ wood painted black, totally sealed and finished, ready to hang on the wall. They looked like original art because of the texturing and vibrant color, and I wouldn’t have to get them framed (one of my big downfalls).

I love her pieces. The colors are stunning. The more I looked at them, the more I found to like. If you live near Portland I highly recommend seeking her out at the market, as some of her prices were lower there, but if not I still recommend checking her out online. Some of the colors aren’t quite as vibrant online, but your print will be!

We considered getting a few. Like this:

"Spring Fever"

The colors are so vibrant. She also has a triptych based on this design, and we thought it would be a stunning focal point for a room with the gorgeous color and print.

Or this:


"Today is the Day!"

Which I loved in triptych. It splits beautifully, and you just see more the more you look.

Another of my favorites isn’t on her website (another reason to go visit her!) but I did get a little card of it which I totally intend on framing and putting up.

There were lots of others I liked, even if I wouldn’t necessarily want them as her only piece in my home, like these:


“Under the Maple”

So complex and stunning.

"A Round Conversation"

Stunning if macabre.


"To Survive"

Just cool.

I love her work because I just want to keep looking at it. Discovering more. And as I said, there was even more to look at and dive into and enjoy at her booth in Portland.

So what did we end up getting?


"Through the Trees"

I love it. The colors, the branches, the hills, everything. Love.

It went up in our living room as soon as we got home. Impressive, since we have prints from previous trips a year ago which are still waiting to be framed and have their spot found.

Art makes me happy. It makes my house feel like home. And I am so glad to add this piece to my collection. Especially for how unique it is with the texturing at such a very good price!

Whatare your favorite pieces?

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  1. Wow, beautiful.

    The Atlanta-Portland jaunt may be a bit tough to make, but she’s worth it.

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