Goodbye, Kitty

We may have found a new home for our kitty.

You probably remember when I brought him home months ago. It was kind of a battle. He lived at the store where I worked and they wanted him to go with another kitty. We had fallen in love with each other, he would follow me around the store and respond to me better than anyone else, I loved to see him and the joy and life in him made me happy. I won the battle and brought him home.

And discovered that I am not a cat person.

I like cats. I like other people’s cats. I like visiting cats. I loved seeing Parker at the store. This morning I was getting teary-eyed, remembering how much I loved seeing him at the store and what a great connection we had there.

But that doesn’t mean I want to live with one. I love animal cuddles…but cat cuddles just don’t really do it for me that much. We don’t interact in the same way. Parker is desperate for something from me, more attention, more cuddles, more interaction, and I try to give it but I don’t give what he wants, either. So we’re both lonely and frustrated. It’s been only 7 months, but that part of it is only getting worse.

Then throw in the clawing, the spraying, the getting up on counters to get into food and other things I thought were safe, and it’s frustrating.

There is a lot of good and joy from living with Parker. But there is more frustration. The net result is not happiness.

And if that was all it was, I’d stick it out. We promised him a home when we took him in.

But he’s unhappy, too. He is a total person-oriented cat. He wants to spend all his time with you. He cries when he is separated from us. And we just don’t give him the kind of amount of attention he wants or deserves. You can tell how miserable he is in many ways, even though he loves us desperately.

So slowly we’ve been toying with the idea of finding him a new home. A home of true cat-lovers who could respond to his needs.

Finally, yesterday, I put up a Craigslist ad describing our kitty’s personality and what we wanted for him. That we wanted him to be an only pet ideally and definitely in a home of real cat-people, because he is so people-oriented. After I submitted it but before it posted there were two “free cat!” ads that went up. So mine was the third you’d come across right then, not to mention all the other cat ads that are on Craigslist. I figured we wouldn’t hear anything, and in a few days I’d post again. No big deal, this was a first tentative feeler. Not really expecting a response.

Until a few hours later, when I got a response.

Young woman whose boyfriend and her are looking for a cat, since their 15 year old cat died last month. Very, very much cat people. Want a cat who is indoor-only. No other pets. Want a cat they can snuggle with all day. Want a loving companion who sounds just like our man. She wrote me a very nice e-mail explaining what attracted her and her boyfriend to our kitty, and how everything just seemed to line up perfect the more they heard after we’d sent some inquiries back and forth. Made me feel better. They’re the real deal. It sounds like a perfect home for our kitty. And when I obsessively and creepily stalked her on the interwebs and facebook I can see she’s a real person which lines up with what she’s saying.

They’re coming over tonight to meet him. And, if things work, take him home.

Holy shit. That happened fast. From tentative-first-feeler-OK-let’s-look-into-finding-him-a-new-home-we’ll-have-weeks-of-sorting-through-whack-jobs to he-may-be-leaving in just over 24 hours.

It’s too soon! I’m not ready!

But…if this is the right family…I am. The hubby and I may be losing out on the opportunity to love a very sweet and wonderful individual. But we have others to love. And while Parker and I have a special bond, I honestly think he’d rather be with people he maybe has less of a uniquely strong innate bond with who will shower him with love and affection all day long in the way he can respond to. I really, truly believe that he would be happier in another home, if it’s the right home, and that’s why I can do this. I really think it will be for the best. For everyone.

The next 24 hours will be very hard. Dealing with this decision, following through on it, saying goodbye to the kitty I love with all my heart, probably forever since these people live almost an hour away (have I mentioned they’re willing to drive almost an hour to visit a potential not-free cat? Yeah, definitely cat people).

But when all is said and done, I think that if you looked a month out, we’d all be happier for the change.

We’ll see what happens tonight.

Oh, and because when I adopted this kitty I told the crazy cat rescue I would NEVER rehome him, if I couldn’t keep him I’d return him to them (not a chance in hell crazy cat rescue, I love him too much to doom him to another year of living alone in a room with maybe an hour of human contact a day) I will not be confirming or denying for sure what happens. I may say I miss him, I may even say he’s gone..but of course, he could run out the front door and get hit by a car when I go to greet them. He’s been interested in outside recently. Who knows?

One final thought. I am noticing a pattern of slowly getting ready for something, deciding to start feeling towards it figuring it will be awhile, and BAM!, it happens. First with leaving the pet store; I applied for a tutoring job on a half-whim, first place I’d contacted, heard back for an interview in minutes, had the job the next day. Then with Parker (potentially). Can I say I hope having a baby goes the same way? We hit the point where we’re ready to start trying…and BAM, pregnant! *sad smile*

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  1. I think it’s great that so much thought went into your decision. So many people think of pets as disposable and are so not responsible. I hope he enjoys his new home.

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