The TV Hates Me

Was just watching a Big Bang Theory rerun. It ended. With a preview of this week’s new Big Bang Theory.

In which Amy announces she’s carrying Sheldon’s child.

OK, my attention was instantly 100% captured, but things like that come up not-uncommonly.

So I was just sharing an “of course” look with my hubby when a preview for the show following Big Bang Theory came up.

With a woman sitting on a couch between two guys holding up a little stick and saying, “Red line! Red line! What does that mean?” and one guy looking at a piece of paper and saying, “Red line..means..a baby!” Commence everyone getting excited.

Really? Two baby shows back-to-back?

It’s like they’re trying to torment me.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what was on their minds.

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One response to “The TV Hates Me

  1. Great shows, for the record : )

    The universe will actively seek out opportunities to tug at your uterus strings.

    Hang in there ; )

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