Random Ramblings

I am very sleepy. My hubby is gone. I miss him. I shall ramble at you and call it human interaction.


I want a bathtub. A LOT. A WHOLE lot. Seriously. DYING to go for a good soak in the tub. A big, deep bathtub is a RE.QUIRE.MENT of my next house. You know, the one we’ll move into in several more years. *sigh*


Slowly keep getting closer until we can start trying for a baby. I am very excited. Doing more and more to get ready. Like getting used to charting my BBT. In the meantime we’re putting in a lot of practice. You know, so we can get it right the first time.


DC Cupcakes came on. I don’t get the whole cupcake phenomenon. Is it just me? I mean, I LOVE good cake. LOVE it. But cupcakes just aren’t as awesome. The depth is always too much and I end up with frosting all over my face.


I miss cake. I made 2 emergency cakes in the past few months. I just finished off the last one. Now I want cake. This is how the second emergency cake came to be, me missing the first one.


Oh, you want to know what emergency cake is? My friend and client introduced me to the concept. Basically it comes about when you wake up and suddenly NEED cake (or cookies or lemon bars or brownies…) and thus make some for no event whatsoever. Embracing the philosophy of emergency desserts has helped me stay extra happy. It has also helped my waistline stay constant.


I will admit I watch Sister Wives. Polygamy fascinates me. But their self-righteousness gets under my skin a weeeee bit. Quotes from the upcoming show, in indignant voices: “I just have sister wives and I get FIRED for it!” or, even better, “THIS is why polygamists hide who they are!” (Sorry if the quotes aren’t exact, going from memory). Um..yeah. You’re choosing to do something illegal. And then you are flaunting it. Even if the people responsible for enforcing the laws against polygamy think it’s not wrong you can’t go on national TV and announce you are breaking the law without consequences. If you want to be upset about the fact that there are consequences, that’s one thing. But don’t act surprised about it. You HAD to know this was what would happen.


I am thoroughly enjoying the new books in the Black Jewels series. I mean, they’re not original trilogy, but they’re still great. Enjoyable. I also love Amazon. I ordered the next book on Monday afternoon. It arrived yesterday. With super saver shipping. <72 hours. Awesome.


Speaking of days, 2 days ago it snowed here. Big wet flakes coming down over everything. Today it was sunny and warm and perfect. This confuses me. The weather gods are playing with us.


Have I mentioned I want a bathtub?


Judging by the content and make-up of my ramblings it is time for bed. 7:30 is late. Shut up. ‘night y’all.



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3 responses to “Random Ramblings

  1. You are living without a bathtub? That’s cruel and unusual punishment. I also watch sister wives. Don’t ask me to explain why cause I can’t. I also love Amazon.

    • Technically we have one. It just holds <7" of water and has some nastiness behind a drain which we CANNOT detach from the tub to clean. So soaking in there is cold and gross. Not my idea of relaxing. :-P

      • Kathryn

        I’m not sure it can be called a bathtub if you can’t take a proper bath in it. 7 inches of water is what I give my kids for their bath so that they don’t splash it all over the bathroom. Could you put contact paper over the drain temporarily so that you could fill it more?

        Also, I hope you get some sleep. Not that I might the ramblings, because I know I get like that, too. I just know you do better if you sleep well, so I’m wishing on you some nights of good sleep. :)

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