I’m OOOOO-kaaaaaay!

Just wanted to say thanks, y’all. Your supportive comments on my last post (well, the last one before today) were awesome.

I also wanted to say I promise I’m OK and I’m not always like that. In fact, the reason I felt the need to blog about it was that it surprised me so much. I haven’t felt stuck and down like that in several months. I’ve been pretty OK with where I am, teaching my various classes and volunteering some. So that minor fit of depression/purposelessness/despair hit harder because it wasn’t expected.

I think it’s the hormones playing games with me.

Damn hormones.

Guys don’t know how lucky they are to live without cycles.

Carry on!

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One response to “I’m OOOOO-kaaaaaay!

  1. Good news! I wasn’t worried, of course ; )

    ps – how did the husband like my argument for names of the none jane/john nature?

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