This was a triumph.

I’m making a note here: huge success.

I was first drawn to Portal playing Rock Band with my bestie, Erica. She, being a Portal fan, had the free download of the final song. I had never heard it, but I was singing. Simple tune, doing fine, then hit this section:

I’m not even angry. I’m being so sincere right now.

Even though you broke my heart and killed me.

At which point I turned around and looked at her and her boyfriend in confusion. She just made a keep going gesture, so I turned to sing the next line:

And tore me to pieces.

I whipped back around, confused, to look at her. She just made a keep going gesture again, so I turned back:

And threw every piece…into…a fire.

Quite confused…

As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you.

At this point I threw up my hands and just kept going.

And then she told me this was the theme song from a game. And that the game was an awesome logic puzzle adventure game. Which I knew I had to have.

Three years later…

I FINALLY BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is not a hard game, nor a long one. It took very few hours of actual game play. But I was playing with my hubby, so we had to both be together (rare) and both feel like it (also rare). And after the first year my computer crashed and we lost all our progress. But finally, tonight, we had the big moment. Victory.

It was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Oh, GLaDOS, I will miss you. Your blend of creepiness and humor taught me how thin the line between nervous laughter and insane cackling is.

But good news. I just figured out what that thing you just incinerated did.

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  1. Yayy for Portal! Congrats on winning.

    Oh, and guess what. You won’t have to miss GLaDOS for too long. She (it?) will be back as Portal 2 releases on the 19th.

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