Yesterday I was volunteering at a local elementary school’s deaf/hard of hearing program, and went with them on a field trip to a local high school which was having an “ASL fair”. Lots of fun chasing small children around as they figured out how to “win” the carnival games (hint: when you’re five, you just keep trying til you win. Or you lose…and get a prize anyway). Seriously, good times, I love working with kids.

Then I helped them on their bus and headed to my car back through the school. Where I was stopped by an adult in a suit asking if I knew where “Mr. So-and-so” was. I just stared at him blankly, and then realized why he asked.

He thought I was a student at the high school.

I said I was sorry and that I didn’t attend the school, but I’d heard the vice principal was in the gym if that’s who he was looking for. He nodded his thanks and hurried on.

Today I was working with my 4th grade private tutoring client. I’ve worked with her for a month or so now. While we were working she decided to stall for a minute and asked if I was in school. I said no, and that I had finished school awhile ago. Then she asked if I lived alone, and I said that no, I lived with my husband.

At which point her eyes tried to pop out of her head.

“You?? Have a husband?? You’re married?!? I thought you were in school! You’re married!?”

Yup. Good times.

Seriously, it makes me giggle, and I take it as a compliment and hope I’m always mistaken for being 5-10 years younger than I am.

But sometimes I do wonder about the looks I’ll get when I’m pregnant or walking around with a baby!



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4 responses to “Babyface

  1. liz

    I’ve always been told that I look young and still get carded, even when I’m out with my 2 kids buying beer at the grocery store. People tell me I’ll be happy about that as I age, so I try not to be too hateful. :)

  2. Ha! Be sure to buy some Tshirts from the school and wear them when your belly pops out.

  3. Kathryn

    Don’t worry about looking younger than you are. I do, too. It’s better than looking older than you are! That’s about all I’ve got on that.

    When I had my first baby, and the sleep deprivation set in, it made me look older. Then she started sleeping well, and I started looking younger again, and then we got ready for Nick. Then the sleep deprivation set in again, and older I looked again. Now that we’re sleeping well again, there are some people who think I’m older based on how I act (that whole responsible thing, I guess), and some people think I’m younger, based on how I look. Some people guess just right, because they find out when I graduated from high school or college and they are good at mental math.

    I really don’t give a rat’s patootie how old people think I am, as long as they don’t go on and on about it. (Also, I think that’s the first time I actually got to type the word “patootie”. Hee hee!) Mostly, I just laugh at the wrong guesses. Unless they are guessing really. Or really young. (Did I tell you the time someone guessed I was 13 and I was really 23? Yeah, that one was a bit rough.) Lots of people are just crappy guessers and you can’t live your life based on what other people think, for that is the way of madness and sadness and all kinds of bad things.

    • :) I will say that I’m in my mid-20s and was mistaken for a junior high school kid the other day. So I feel your pain.

      It doesn’t really worry me for the most part, but sometimes it does make me roll my eyes a bit. I figure, whatever, who cares, I’m me! :-)

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