From the mouths of men…

Uncle I just met two days ago: So, where are you guys on family planning?

Me: *chokes on food*

Uncle’s partner: What?! Why are you asking them that? You can just ignore him.

Me: (to hubby) It’s all yours. (Admittedly, not one of my more intelligent moments.)

Hubby: (to me) How comfortable are you with telling them?

Me: It’s fine, you can tell them. (Imagining something along the lines of “We hope to have our first soon,” but not wanting to say it myself)

Hubby: Well, the test came up negative this morning!


Uncle: Well….that was TMI….

I didn’t look anyone in the eye for the rest of the night.

(Also, announcing the same fact on here is totally not as bad. Because I can’t see your reactions. And you all only exist inside my computer. And…shut up.)

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One response to “From the mouths of men…

  1. My unsolicited advice for today…pleeeeeeeeease don’t be peeing on a stick if you’re like 6 minutes late for your period.

    I’ve known so many beautiful mothers in waiting who’ve driven themselves mad with those tests.

    fuck and make love don’t think about making babies.

    ; ) now go give a bj, just cuz!

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