Reasons to be happy!

My posts have been downers lately. I don’t like that. The attitude in my posts tends to reflect my attitudes in real life. And I don’t want to be down.

Plus I obsess obsessively about what other people think of me and how these negative posts reflect on me in the minds of random strangers I’ve never met.

Things have been crazy what with the whole applying-to-grad-school-less-than-two-weeks-before-classes-begin-while-traveling-cross-country. Lots of stress. Happy, excited stress! But, physiologically, still stress.


Today, right now, I am going to focus intentionally on all the myriad of things I have to be happy about.

My sweet puppy is curled up at my feet sleeping after a week apart. I don’t expect the cuddling to stop any time soon.

I am home! Back to a place where “warm weather” means it’s in the 80s. This is the land of my people.

No flight delays today! In fact, we got in 30 minutes early!

It is a beautiful, sunny day outside. Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Revitalizing.

I planted 6 sets of watermelon starts after getting home. They are basking in the sun.

My newly planted tomatoes and strawberries didn’t die while I was gone. In fact, the strawberries are thriving!

On that note, all the plants in my ditch are still alive! YES! (I will beat you, ditch.)

Tomorrow I get to go teach two full classes. And then Monday another totally full class starts.

I am officially accepted into grad school! I may not be registered for classes, they may be charging me too much, and I may have issues with the education department, but those are all fixable because I AM IN!

See? Lots to be happy about!

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  1. Lovely positive thoughts. Well done. We should all be doing that – focusing on the godd things and not the downes.
    Enjoyed the read.

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