I am still here…

Sorry for the lack of posting. Just busy.

Two and a half weeks ago we went on a trip across the country. No computer for me, just my phone and my hubby’s Mac (I hate Apple products. Such a pain to use) which was only occaisionally accessible. Then we got back and I had the crazy catching up from being gone + finishing applying for graduate school + school started this week + I’m sick and so run down + now we have guests staying with us (though they leave late tonight) soooooooooooooooo altogether that means no real blogging for me!

Hopefully things will settle down and I can get back into it soon.

I think I’m going to go lay down now. zzzz….


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4 responses to “I am still here…

  1. What are you going back to school for? I really want to go back but am already so busy, I don’t know where I would fit classes, homework etc. Hope things settle down for you.

    • I’m doing an online masters program in Deaf education. I’m only a week in but really enjoying it so far! :-) The nice thing about it being online/distance is that the timing is fully flexible. No going to class. So I can fit it in around my life and my weird energy needs, doing homework when I have the time an “spoons” available and doing less taxing things at other times.

  2. Cute puppy! I did not realize you were still out there blogging, good to “see” you!

    • Yup, still here and still reading you! I just read more from my phone now, so I comment less :-P Good luck with summer and the wango tango, hope Genea’s accepting the transition gracefully!

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