Why, hello again

Why, hello again, depression. It’s been awhile. Almost a month since you last gripped me so fully.

I know what triggered you to come seeping back into my life, subtly but strongly enough to completely envelop me. I expected you on Friday night, but I guess you were just taking your time until I wasn’t prepared. Maybe me blaring music so loudly I couldn’t think or feel for my hour drive home had something to do with the delay, too.

That’s OK, though. I’d like to thank you for holding off until today to grab me and pull me down to these depths. It gave me time to have a wonderful 24 hours away with my sweet hubby on our impromptu vacation. So take that. *sticks out tongue*

As you know, you are never welcome. I don’t know why I remind you, you always seem to invite yourself on in, anyway.

Please be sure you grab all your stuff when you go this time. Don’t want to leave any reason for you to come back.

While giving you the tour (again), I just would like to highlight this lovely door. It is the exit to my brain. Please, don’t hesitate to use it.

This time try to remember, it’s one-way only.

Forever yours,


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