Sorry I suck

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I know. I suck. Every day the past few weeks could have been summed up by this (awesome) song:

(I usually hate music videos. Clearly what they are missing is five guys in ape masks as back up dancers.)

Unfortunately, I have been doing far from nothing. Reasons contributing to my suckage:

  • I have been tutoring 15+ hours a week. This week it will be 18. And that doesn’t include time grading and writing tests outside of class. Nor shopping for supplies to supplement my classes with my own money. Remind me again how teachers are lazy and barely work? I’m just a freaking *tutor* and I’m doing this shit.
  • Along with that I have been training about 6 hours a week. Plus probably another couple hours a week taking care of finances, answering calls, responding to e-mails. So all together? Twenty-some hours a week working.
  • Concurrently I have been taking 3 summer classes for my masters degree. Two were two months long (As opposed to a regular semester, which is four). One they decided to cram into one month. So school? Yeah, definitely full-time.
  • Insomia has been kicking my butt. I can’t fall asleep. I wake up early and can’t go back to sleep. And when I do sleep? I have nightmares which make it far from restful. And for the first time in a year, I’m having to get up for a set morning start time 5 days a week. Not so much on the flexibility. I am exhausted.
  • My computer got a virus a couple weeks ago. It was annoying me, so last week my hubby decided to fix it. And the damn virus wouldn’t extricate itself from my computer without pulling some vital things with it. Which made my computer a very heavy, very hot brick. Have I mentioned my masters degree is an online program? So yes, everything has been taking more time. My hubby stayed up the past few nights to flatten my computer down to nothing and build it back up. It is now functional enough for use again. The things you take for granted!

That’s really it. But between all those things, blogging has just not made it onto my to-do list. I miss you guys (“you guys” being the people I make up in my head to pretend someone reads my blog). My summer semester is almost over. And I’m *really* hoping the fall, when I have four months for classes instead of one or two, will be a bit less crazy. Plus I tend to tutor less during the school year. We’ll see…

Driving home today I just wanted to sit down and write, though. Today was..interesting. I woke up EXHAUSTED. But figured, yay! Day off-ish! I only have to get up and tutor my 9:30-12:30 class, then the rest of the day I can devote to homework! Unfortunately, this particular class makes me a bit batty. And my period has been flirting with starting all day, which means I am hormonal and bitchy for all the normal reasons *plus* I’m disappointed I’m not pregnant. Again. I get to work. Am one hour from freedom. And the director says, “Oh, can you start meeting with this student from 1-2 on Monday and Wednesday? I say sure, no problem. She then says great, and youl start today. Awesome. Another 1.5 hours at work, and I’ll have to run and buy lunch. OK. Then, about 10 minutes later, she comes in. Also, she has a class she wants me to start teaching Wednesday evenings from 4-6. OK? Sure, why not, just move it so it’s back -to-back with the 1-2 appointment. My camps are about to end. I’ll need more hours. That one starts today, too, OK? And I can’t move it this week. Um..what? …sure.

So instead of a day that was over at 12:30 I got a day that was over at 6 with short little mostly-useless breaks in-between. I was hormonal. I was bitchy. I was disappointed. I was tired. And I FORGOT MY PHONE AT HOME so I couldn’t even kill time reading blogs.

Here’s to not doing anything for the rest of the day.

(You know. Other than homework.)

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  1. Hey…I’ve missed you.

    Busy is…good…but not if it’s kicking your ass.

    Hope you get a beak soon!

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