And the masters degree is in…

I’ve mentioned in passing that I enrolled in a masters program, but I have yet to mention what it is in.

I’m pretty excited. It just started this summer in early June. I will finish at the end of the summer of 2013. So if I could just get knocked up, that timing would work out relatively well.

It’s an online program through Texas Women’s University. Which is why I call it a “masters light” program. Lots and lots of reading and lots of papers with very little instructor interaction and thus guidance. I’ve been told this first summer is the worst for lack of contact, so I’m hoping in future classes there will be more interaction by the professors.

I have had a few group chats so far where we can all use text, mics and cameras to communicate. The camera sharing is kind of hard, but the typing and talking is easy. The nice thing is that the professor can turn on his/her mic and video camera and simcomm (sign and voice) lectures. I’ve had a two of my three professors do this. One was definitely better at simcomming than the other. Her signs actually made sense on their own and she would code switch, sometimes having signs support her voicing and sometimes shutting off her voice to illustrate a point that could be better done in ASL , as opposed to just using random signs that were literally related to the words being spoken but made no visual sense on their own. The other professor is Deaf, and just held his Wimba session via chat, no cameras.

There have been ups and downs. The professors have been somewhat absent. It’s hard to know how much is due to it being summer and how much is due to it being an online program. We shall see. I’m hoping for the former, so the fall is better! I jut got an A in my first class, which was pretty awesome. :-D (It’s not technically over for a week but I turned in my final paper early and all I have left is worth about 1% of my grade….so I know what I got).

My classes so far have been/are:

Linguistics of Early Childhood. AWESOME. So very cool. Learning about how young children develop language. When you stop and think about it it is crazy that in a few years with virtually no direct instruction children can go from not even being intentionally communicative to expressing complex thoughts with mostly correct grammar and syntax. We were studying how that happens.

Fundamentals of Audiology. I really had no interest in this, but it’s been good. It is good to have the foundation in knowing how audiology works, how the ear and hearing mechanism work, different types of tests and what they can tell you, and how to read an audiogram. This is one of the better professors in terms of just being present, so that’s nice.

Parent-Professional Communication. This is a class with a good concept. I am not going to say any more than that. Because this is the interwebs and you never know who will see what.

Figured out what the program is in yet?

Deaf Education.

When I’m done I’ll have a masters degree in Deaf Education, and should be eligible to get a teaching certificate in Washington state. Which is *awesome*. I do love tutoring and training…but I really want my own classroom with more students and a wider curriculum. Deaf ed can, hopefully, be more flexible in terms of potential scheduling than some other teaching positions while being more reliable than what I’m doing now. So…we’ll see! Already I have learned a lot that is extremely applicable no matter what I end up doing. My Linguistics of EC course was fascinating to me, and gave me great information for raising my own little ones. I’m sure there will be more classes with useful general information, too. It is a strange thing to be in classes where I really enjoy the subject material and have long discussions outside of class with my classmates about subject topics.

For now I’m sitting back and enjoying the ride. We’ll see where it takes me.

But it feels so good to finally be doing something again!



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2 responses to “And the masters degree is in…

  1. Yay! I’m glad that you like your classes. They sound very interesting. Do you have any books that you would suggest for the linguistics of EC topic? It sounds awesome. :)

    What classes do you want to take next? ::crosses fingers:: Here’s to hoping that the teacher thing gets better.


  2. Standing and applauding for you.

    Ei, that is so beyond amazing. Good for you!

    You can totally do it.

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