Fair warning: I will be talking about lady problems.

So today my body decided to add injury to insult and not only full-on bring on my period, assuring me I’m not pregnant, but also bring on the worst cramps I have suffered since I went on the pill 5 years ago.


And to add to the joy, the pain pills my doctor prescribed me didn’t do a whole lot of good. I took one right when the pain woke me up this morning, so before it got too much of a head start, and…nothing. Still excruciating pain so I could do nothing but cope. I took ibuprofin (not supposed to, but needed more…). Nothing. I hopped in the shower so the hot water could counter the pain. Changed it, but still barely coping. I got out a weightless heat pack (the kind that sticks to your skin and is good for just one use). Took the edge off, but still all energy was going to dealing with the pain. I rolled one of my dog’s balls across my back in counter pressure. Helped, but I couldn’t keep it up myself.

So, since I have nothing to do today except a bullshit homework assignment, and I couldn’t do it if I was just trying to not give in to the pain, I took the back up Vicodin I was given.

Which worked. Yay!

However I am now extremely loopy. Floating. Disconnected from my body.


Yeah, this should be an interesting assignment.

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