More nerdy baby clothes

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The obsession lives on. Last night while having the urge to shop I went to look for nerdy baby clothes online. ThinkGeek still has some fabulous stuff, but I already wrote about theirs and there’s nothing new, so this time I hit up Cafe Press. Please share in my squeals (and if you would like to purchase any, just click on the photo to link to the product).

This one made me giggle:

The “mwahahahaha” in baby print does me in.

Moving on from giggling to laughing out loud:

Ooooh yeeeah…

Luckily this one is in large, friendly letters:

But wait, there’s more. Check out the back:

The joke never gets old to me!

A great Sheldon-ism:

*giggles* And I can get away with it because the hubby is an engineer and I used to be!

If I someday had a girl baby:

Aaaaw, true, geeky love.

And finally, the maternity shirt that was my hubby’s favorite of them all:

HTML jokes: you never, ever run out.

What geeky baby goodness have you found?

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