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The reason for the silence…

Remember back in September when I posted about how I hated stupid negative tests? Well…

Two days later, while on vacation celebrating our anniversary with my hubby, I saw this:

Those are four pink lines, people!

I had been waiting to test until my hubby wasn’t around each month so I could surprise him in some creative way with the news. But since we were in a hotel room together, and I completely expected the test to be negative, I just took it with him lounging in the main room.

And the romantic way of telling him? Consisted of me calling him into the bathroom and insisting he stare at the top test (which I took first) to tell me if he couldĀ  see a line there or not. And him not quite knowing what a line being there meant. And then me deciding it was too close to call and insisting we both get dressed for the day quickly and go to the grocery store to buy another brand of test (bottom one).

Ah, the romance!

But when all was said and done they were definitely positive and now, as I near the end of first tri, this baby is still holding on and going strong!

We’ll be becoming a family of four come May!

Enjoy our Halloween family photo:


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A Halloween Resuscitation

Why hello! *listens to echo* Is anyone still out there?

Sorry I have sucked at updating here. I have been ridiculously busy and feeling kinda crummy. But I have been updating more over on Twitter recently (@Thefyziksgirl), so that’s a good place to keep up with me if you want! Halloween is giving me a long weekend, though, so I thought I’d sit back down and brush the dust off this lil ol blog. I promise that starting very soon I will be updating here more regularly.

Last night I went to a wedding with my hubby. It was for two people I don’t really know, but it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. I’m not sure if the couple is Christian or not, but the wedding wasn’t. As such it was incredibly personalized and thus extremely touching.

There were no bible readings. Rather than picking passages from a book full of rape, arranged marriage, and oppression of women, they chose readings from classic literature (which she has a degree in). The readings were perfect, and so unique, causing me to really listen to and feel each line.

There was no sermon of advice for the couple. They have been together for almost a decade and lived together for years. The opening was the closest thing to a “sermon,” with someone welcoming everyone and wishing the couple well before the wedding got started.

The vows exchanged were a blend of the classic lines I have never heard combined in quite that way. The bride cried while saying them.

And then they exchanged rings, kissed, and walked back down the aisle with giant smiles on their faces!

I do not remember my wedding. It was a Catholic wedding, and by that point I was really no longer Catholic. It was an hour long, and I zoned most of it out in order to keep my promise to my mother that I would not make faces during the ceremony when they said things I disagreed with. I honestly have NO IDEA what the priest said in his homily, though evidently he mentioned than my hubby and I had not had sex yet. Thanks, Father. Glad I wasn’t listening. I do remember the short part where I recited my vows and received my ring while staring at the man who was becoming my husband. That part was great.

But I have to say, I admire this couple who shucked off the parts of tradition they did not want while embracing all the parts they did. Their wedding was so perfectly them. And it was beautiful.

I’ll leave this post with a thought for the couple. In the honors program my hubby and I were a part of in college (which was very small, about 20 students per year, and thus close-knit), we had a saying: “If you can’t keep it in your pants, keep it in the program!” This couple was in that program with us, so to them I say, Congratulations on your commitment to keeping it in the program for life!

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