The reason for the silence…

Remember back in September when I posted about how I hated stupid negative tests? Well…

Two days later, while on vacation celebrating our anniversary with my hubby, I saw this:

Those are four pink lines, people!

I had been waiting to test until my hubby wasn’t around each month so I could surprise him in some creative way with the news. But since we were in a hotel room together, and I completely expected the test to be negative, I just took it with him lounging in the main room.

And the romantic way of telling him? Consisted of me calling him into the bathroom and insisting he stare at the top test (which I took first) to tell me if he could  see a line there or not. And him not quite knowing what a line being there meant. And then me deciding it was too close to call and insisting we both get dressed for the day quickly and go to the grocery store to buy another brand of test (bottom one).

Ah, the romance!

But when all was said and done they were definitely positive and now, as I near the end of first tri, this baby is still holding on and going strong!

We’ll be becoming a family of four come May!

Enjoy our Halloween family photo:


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7 responses to “The reason for the silence…

  1. big big smiles for you!!!!

    i know how much you wanted this to happen and i am so happy for you. i can’t wait to read tales from a home birth (assumption, of course, but i know your thoughts of past)

    i want you to know, i’ve thought about you from time to time, hoping you were doing well and not too under the thumb of your spoons.
    also, we have a new puppy and i wanted to wiggle my nose so that we were in the same place and you could train me to be the best dog mom ever.

    be well….i love love love (probably a little too much) discussing pregnancy. you email me anytime.

    • Thanks! Very excited :D Actually a birth center birth is planned, so basically the same thing but I don’t have to clean up afterwards, the best of both worlds!

      The spoons and I are managing, though baby is taking some of them for him/herself so I’m having to be more careful, which is why blogging has taken a sideline. But I’ve missed it, and now that I’m starting to get my energy back and can talk about what has been filling most of my mind I’ll be back here more.

      Aaaaw, puppy! Good luck with the new little one!!! They are so adorable….when they’re sleeping ;)


  3. This post made me cry…I am so super happy for you. And the pumpkins with the soo soo? Love. Congrats!!!!

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations on such a happy event! And yes, the pumpkin picture is perfect, in fact, it’s my favorite that I’ve seen! You’re linked and best of luck in Trimesters 2 and 3!

  5. I gotta say, I love the heck out of your Halloween picture. :D See you in May. :D <3

  6. Congratulations. Love the last photo of the pumpkins with the dates. Very clever indeed. Welcome to the Spin Cycle.

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