Damn you, Twilight.

The hubby and I FINALLY fully agreed on a name we both really like! Which has been next to impossible. Yay!

Unfortunately, we only discovered we agreed upon it when I mentioned it to lament the fact that we could never use it. I was saying it was sad, because I loved the name, and hubby’s eyes got real big because, for the first time ever, his response was, “Really?? I love that name, too!”

Too bad that name is Isabella.

In other words, the number one most popular name in the United States.

Damn you, Twilight.

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One response to “Damn you, Twilight.

  1. For so many reasons. Am I right?

    What about
    Gabriella ? Ir Iliana?

    Similar, not overused.

    Hope you are feeling good. Get some rest.

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