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Pregnancy dreams

The past week I have been getting less than restful sleep due to a plethora of stress dreams. I think they were triggered by nervousness about telling the world we’re pregnant, and now they won’t leave. Pregnancy, however, has made them different than my standard stress dream fare of being endlessly chased. And last night, my brain got creative.

I dreamed that I went through labor and delivery, which was stressful for various reasons despite being somehow painless. And then, at the end, I gave birth to a little girl!


There is something wrong with me.

But hey, at least I was disappointed it was a puppy instead of a human baby.

(And not only because I wanted to take her shopping for girly clothes but I knew people would look at me funny for bringing a puppy into the store and holding up clothes to her which WASN’T FAIR since I gave birth to her!!)

(It was a long dream.)

But don’t worry, after laughing for quite awhile my hubby has 100% bet the farm guaranteed me that the child I am carrying inside me is not a puppy.

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