I love being pregnant!

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Seriously. I do.

I’ve heard so many stories of woman who hated being pregnant. Morning sickness. Feeling fat and unattractive. Back and hip pain. Stretch marks. Crazy hormones. Etc. Etc. Etc.

But honestly? I love it!

It’s not that I have been symptom-free. I did have morning sickness. I never threw up, but I was nauseous a lot. However…that mostly meant that I ate less food. And I lost some of my over-weight weight. And now I feel lean! And now my stomach has shrunk, so even though I don’t get sick anymore I am feeling full after eating healthier-sized portions.

I looked fat for a good long while. Even now my belly is kind of abnormally big and round, not a little rock in my abdomen. I’m sure many of my clients and people seeing me on the street just think I’m gaining holiday pounds. But you know what? This doesn’t bother me at all! Either I’ll keep seeing them, and they’ll realize I was pregnant that time, or I won’t, and then I don’t care what they think! I know that the changing figure is due to baby, so even if it makes me “look fat” I love it! And so does my hubby, which he regularly tells me, so that doesn’t hurt, either.

I’ve had back problems somewhat, but I get them treated. I already had monthly massages scheduled (feel free to envy me but they’re more painful than pleasant) and I’ve added in chiropractic care as needed. With that, and being careful how I move, it’s staying mostly in the background, and usually if it flares up I have an appointment to fix it already scheduled for the next few days.

I’m lucky to not really be affected by stretch marks yet. I’m getting some on my thighs (really?), but they’re not bad. And besides, even if I do develop them, I figure they’re battle scars.

And crazy pregnancy hormones? Oh, but that’s the best part. The pregnancy hormones have evened me out. I have not felt so mentally stable in years!!! The depression is there, but it is minor. I have not even threatened to go deep into depression since becoming pregnant. Which is amazing. Even my therapist has noticed, and just dropped me back to every-other-week sessions for now, because I am doing so well! It almost feels like I’m not living with that mental illness anymore. Incredible!

The only real annoying side-effect I have is acne. Seriously? Acne? I already look 16. I don’t need acne to add to that. But honestly, it’s a minor annoyance. And if it’s the worst I have to deal with, I’ll take it!

I wanted a baby (you may have noticed). And I was prepared to deal with a pregnancy full of trials. So I feel so lucky that that is not the case for me. It’s not that it hasn’t had hard parts. Always being sick and tired wasn’t necessarily fun. But none of the downsides have been enough to compete with the joy I feel at having another life inside of me! And honestly, I live chronically sick. So another type of chronic sickness was an adjustment, but not a major one. If I could I would love to live out my life feeling exactly as I do now!

Now I just can’t wait for baby to get stronger so I can feel him/her moving around in there!

16 weeks!


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3 responses to “I love being pregnant!

  1. I did too. Almost every second of both pregnancies. I didn’t even get hemorrhoids.

    I’m so happy you are loving it so much. Hows the name quest going?

    • It’s…going :-) I’m having fun with it, hubby is rolling his eyes at me. Luckily we only have to come up with a few names, so out of the millions of possibilities we should be able to come up with something!

  2. OMG…you are the first blog writer that has been so positive about being pregnant. Seriously. I was starting to get super annoyed at all the women who were complaining about this and that. Like hello, you’re growing a human and that is pretty friggen awesome.
    I loved being pregnant even despite all the crap stuff that came with it.
    I’m super happy for you and so happy that you can look beyond all the annoyances of pregnancy.
    Yay babies.

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