Where little reindeer come from

My mom has a tradition that I absolutely love. When my brother and I were in elementary school we each did the requisite 3,254 holiday craft projects, which we proudly brought home to display. My mom kept some of the best, and each year at Christmastime one wall of our house is dedicated to nothing but the “art” projects of my brother and I from when we were little. It is cute and a great conversation starter as guests ask about pieces or we reminisce.

She now puts the wall up before Thanksgiving, so that when I visit it is up and I can enjoy it. This year it is behind her dining room table, and on Black Friday she and her husband and me and my husband were all sitting there, eating a casual dinner, when we started discussing the pieces.

One is a paper reindeer head, for which I cut out all the pieces and connected them, including a halter, and decorated with glitter.

This conversation ensued:

Hubby: Why does that reindeer’s nose band say “HP”?

Mom and me: *giggling*

Mom: It doesn’t say, “HP,” it says “HO”!

Me: See, when I was younger I thought it would be great if each reindeer’s nose band said “HO,” and then when they were all lined up pulling the sleigh it would look like “HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO”!

Mom and me: *more giggling*

Hubby and mom’s husband: *staring in a mixture or horror and confusion*

Me: When I picked it up to admire it the glue wasn’t dry, so the “O” dripped a little.

Mom: Her teacher tried to get her to add a second “HO” on there, but she refused, explaining that when all the reindeer were together it would look right.

Me: It would be so festive with all of them!

Mom and me: *hysterical giggling*

Every year we celebrate Christmas in my family under the watchful eyes of one of santa’s reindeer hos.

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  1. Emma

    Such a cute story! :) I know too well how many craft projects kids bring home around the holidays.

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