I knew this would happen

So *I* feel like I look ridiculously pregnant. My belly is HUGE! And anyone who has known me would definitely recognize that something is up.

Today I went to work in the deaf classroom. The teacher there has been very supportive and excited about my pregnancy; she is just someone it is genuinely fun to share this with! So I wore a shirt in which my bump is OBVIOUS. It’s a pre-pregnancy shirt that is tight and clingy. But evidently, if you don’t know me, I just look fat.

Because the teacher wasn’t there. A sub was.

And when the kids went to lunch she turned to me and asked,

“So, are you from the high school?”

Yeeeeah. I can’t wait until I’m *obviously* showing. I should get some very fun looks. Maybe they’ll even try to cast me for 16 and Pregnant!


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2 responses to “I knew this would happen

  1. HAHAH!!
    I loved wearing obviously pregnant shirts.
    Is it wrong that I loved the attention?

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