Bubbles and goldfish

At first I thought that when I laid down muscles or tendons in my belly were releasing as your home grew to accommodate you.

Then I started to feel something like bubbles popping in my abdomen, even when sitting up, but only when paying attention.

Then you surprised me when I was driving to work one day and wasn’t paying any attention at all.

After that I started to feel something like a little goldfish in my tummy bopping against the walls of it’s plastic baggie of water…as long as I was sitting. And then also laying down.

The bumps got stronger and stronger, until a couple nights ago your daddy could feel them, too. His eyes lit up when I asked, “Did you feel that?” and he could answer, “Yes!”

Now, baby, I can feel your dancing no matter what I am doing or what position I am in. It fills my days with joy, to have you intrude into my consciousness even when I am busy or focused on other things. Sometimes your movements feel like gentle flutters, and sometimes they feel like a full out kick. I love them all! Every movement still fills me with wonder that you are there, a separate entity growing inside of me, an individual who is part of me but distinct from me.

People tell me that when a kick in the ribs feels like a kick in the ribs I will not enjoy your exercising as much. Maybe they’re right. But I have loved carrying you so far, even with the not-so-fun parts, and I simply can’t imagine that changing.

Keep growing stronger, baby, and kick me all you need!

I love you so much,  before we’ve even met.


your mama

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One response to “Bubbles and goldfish

  1. One of the best feelings ever. You won’t forget them, either, and your tummy will kind of miss that liveliness.

    The “kick to the rib people” can suck it. Way to be killjoys. I never felt a kick I didn’t like. LAck of room for my lungs? Whole different story. ;-)

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