WW: 2011 Favorites

I’ve decided to (finally) sit down and participate in Writer’s Workshop again! I chose this prompt:

1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

It’s been a big year full of changes, fun to take a look back!


After 2/3 of a year working for the pet store, I wrote about the event which finally broke the camel’s back and got me out of that healing holding pattern of a minimum wage job! The store was great, but the owners were AWFUL, and I am so glad to be free of them. Reading about their crap still makes my blood boil!


My sweet hubby turned another year older in February, and I let him know how very, very much I love him. Heck, even I’m impressed with my normally absent ability to express my feelings!


The hubby and I went for an impromptu vacation to Portland and at Saturday Market discovered one of my favorite artists.


I was thinking about some of the every-day luxuries that I have, being straight, which I take for granted, and how these luxuries were brought to light for me by a small experience with my friend.


While visiting an uncle-in-law, my hubby simultaneously put his foot in his mouth and embarassed the heck out of me in a quite impressive fashion. On the upside, I now know his uncles’ rug has quite a beautiful pattern, due to some intense studying.


I had my first “enhanced” pat-down by the TSA and wrote about how being publicly groped by the TSA is in some ways worse than being publicly groped by a random stranger on the street.


An open letter to my depression was not well-received by its addressee. Though its visits have been less frequent since!


I started training for my first 5k! …of course, I then had to *stop* training a few short months later when I got pregnant and relaxin + not enough history with running + high-impact activity was already causing me back and hip problems. One thing I am really looking forward to post-baby is being able to start the Couch-to-5k program again. It is incredible!


My own contribution to the It Gets Better project for Suicide Prevention Week. SAnD means I wrote it instead of putting up a video, but there it is. Remembering how low I have been made me cry, but also reaffirmed for me that it really, really REALLY does get better. And depression is a lying bitch.


I announced why I had been largely absent from my blog for the past few months: first trimester fatigue was kicking my butt! I’m still proud of our Halloween announcement photo.


As my pregnancy progressed I contemplated how very strange it can be.


Baby started dancing in my belly, the most incredible sensation I have ever felt.

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