It’s a…

On Tuesday we had our first and likely only ultrasound, and it was incredible. Roughly 40 minutes of watching my sweet baby dance and getting a first glance of what my child looks like!

The tech went through and took all the needed measurements, and at the end we learned there are no warning signs and that everything looks good! We’ll get confirmation of this next week at our next midwife appointment, but I’m very happy to hear that baby is looking healthy! We have had no testing so far (by choice, we have been offered most standard tests except ultrasounds and opted out, and we could have requested ultrasounds), and so I was a slightly nervous wreck leading up to this anatomy scan to make sure baby was really doing OK in there! Seeing the four chambers of the heart beating away so strong, and the delicacy and strength of how they interacted, absolutely took my breath away.

But enough about that. Now to the part that you want to know.

It’s a girl!!!

That’s right, our first born will be a sweet baby girl, and we flat-out cannot wait to meet her. I had really kind of assumed she was a boy, and I was surprised when the tech told us she was pretty sure it was a girl in there. It took a lot of time and several shots to confirm (because she showed she was my daughter and was being a complete stinker), but we’re virtually certain she’s a she. I am blown away. I can’t wait to meet my little girl!

I love, love, love knowing that my belly dancer is a girl. I know that there is so much more to a person than their sex. But our sex is still a big part of our idenity. And I feel so much more connected to our little one knowing this important piece of who she is. Being able to talk about what she is doing. Being able to refer to my daughter. My daughter. That is crazy.

When we found out we were expecting on our anniversary weekend, my hubby and I kept listening to this song in shock as we drove around. After our ultrasound, I pulled out the CD and we listened to it on the way home. It makes me so happy to hear. It may have made me cry.

“I never thought that through love we’d be making one as lovely as she, but isn’t she lovely, made from love…”‘

The song even includes a fair amount of religious references, and I still find it perfect. Because I understand the sentiment deeply, even if I don’t believe in the specifics.

I already love my baby girl so very, very much! Grow strong, little one, I can’t wait to meet you in May!

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