What baby clothes have taught me about gender

I had perused baby clothes sections before becoming pregnant and before learning my baby’s sex, mostly focusing on the boy clothes because I was looking for gender-neutral. And I saw so many cute clothes that appealed to the interests of me and my hubby! Now that I know we have a baby girl on the way, I’ve switched to looking at those clothes, thinking it would be easy to pick up a couple of cheap onesies to celebrate. My experience in baby clothes has taught me many things I did not previously know about gender:

  • Girls do not like dogs and boys do not like cats.
  • Girls are big fans of bugs of all types. (Funny, I always thought this was a boy thing…)
  • Girls do not like sports. Except maybe volleyball, if you’re lucky. Or ballet. Does ballet count as a sport?
  • Girls like pink. A lot. They refuse to wear anything that doesn’t have at least some pink on it. Exceptions may be made if purple is included. They definitely don’t like any shade of blue other than possibly teal.
  • Transportation (airplanes, trains, etc.) is completely uninteresting to girls.
  • Girls only like animals if the animals are wearing bows or mascara or shooting hearts or rainbows out of an orifice.
  • While boys are “Mommy’s little helper,” girls are “Daddy’s spoiled princess.”
  • Girls are also bratty, self-centered, and demanding, whereas boys are cute, tough and loveable.

I am scared for the message we are sending to future generations of girls from birth. When did this obnoxious trend start? I do not look forward to buying her appropriate clothes as she continues to get older.


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3 responses to “What baby clothes have taught me about gender

  1. My guy and I went shopping yesterday for our little girl, due in May and discovered te same thing. We want to try and avoid too much of the gender craziness and, well, the massive amounts of pink! We did find a good variety at some outlet stores but haven’t had much luck anywhere else! It is really annoying!

    • Hmmm, I wonder if there are any outlet stores around me…some “boutiques” have better stuff, but I’m not willing to pay that kind of money for something the kid will be in a few months! Congrats on your little one!

  2. Eileen

    WOW…too funny another Eileen here! I saw you LOOOOOVe comments so have to say, I have a lot in common here. Although my baby days are over (have 6 and just SMACKED into the over 50 wall last year), I see we share the notsowonderful health problems. I also have CFS, but found much may be due to undiagnosed Lyme. Also the anxiety disorders. Not so fun. Sounds like you are able to overcome this as I had so many years behind me, and the best times for the most part were while carrying my kiddos. OH happy day, you are gonna love being a mommy. I ready some of your posts to your little angel, with a full heart I so remember those days. Enjoy every moment, and soon the heavens will open and your little one will be in your arms. So nice to “meet” you!


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