Overdue Update: California Adventure

Hello, world! I *am* still alive, and baby girl is still doing well! Between work and a new semester and traveling and being sick I have simply not had time to get to this here blog as much as I would like.

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I took what is evidently called a babymoon to California. We didn’t do much for our anniversary, because we knew I might be pregnant and didn’t want to plan something I couldn’t really enjoy. But then we decided, forget it, so what if I’m pregnant, I can still have fun! We went to Disneyland, which the hubby had never been to, and had a BALL.

You know, up until I got either food poisoning or a stomach bug and spent the first night after Disney throwing up for approximately the 2nd-15th times I can ever remember in my life. As a side note, throwing up while pregnant is a very interesting experience. Have you tried doubling over with a big belly in your way? Things get..awkward..fast. Anyway, we ended up missing our next day, which was supposed to be at Universal Studios, because I was too sick to do necessary things like stand or drink water. You know, details. But after that we went back to Disney for two more days and it was magical fun. It didn’t hurt that my bestest friend Erica drove up to join us for those two days in Disney! I LOVE seeing her. And she earned her keep when she told us we could rent a wheelchair so I didn’t have to hobble around the park after 48 hours of no food!

After our days in Disney we said goodbye to my bestie and headed to Huntington beach, where we spent several beautiful days right on the ocean in a giant, gorgeous, luxury ocean-view hotel room relaxing and enjoying each other. It was wonderful and rejuvinating.

Another plus: while we were gone, snowmageddon was happening back home. Evidently the entire area shut down for the week. When we left it was just starting to snow. When we came back the snow was mostly melted. When you consider the fact that the entire (very, very hilly) city of Seattle has 3 snow plows you get an idea of how equipped they are for snow. And when you think about how the area had 8-12″ for most of the week, you understand why the region shut down.

We, on the other hand, were busy strolling on the beach barefoot in short sleeves and rolled up pants, enjoying 70 degree weather and full sun.

Yeah…too bad we missed the snow…

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