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Baby girl is most definitely head down, which is a very, very good thing! I’m pretty sure she has done all her flipping at night, because I have never noticed it. When laying down my massive hips kind of tip my torso, encouraging baby girl to slide out of my pelvis and have space to move, so I guess it makes sense.

The downside to this is that I can no longer go to bed without worrying she’ll flip while I’m there. I sleep propped up on pillows now, but still every time I lay down she wakes up and gets super active. I’m almost scared to go to bed.

I love feeling her move, and I’m trying to focus on that love instead of nervousness that her movements betoken flipping. I have so little time left where I can feel and enjoy her this way!

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I love feeling my baby girl move and roll and dance inside me. I can’t quite believe my days with her living in me are numbered, and those numbers are so quickly shrinking!


8 months pregnant

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I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted. It was never intentional, I just have been busy with school and work and, you know, growing a little person. I’ve decided I’m going to try to blog, and when baby girl is here maybe I will want to more, but I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Hopefully someone is still here.

Baby girl and I are doing fantastic. I’m in my last month of pregnancy and still loving it. I mean, sure, my back hurts in more ways than I can count, I can’t walk, things on the ground are totally out of reach, this heartburn is killer, I can’t sleep, I have to pee when I take more than five consecutive steps or two hours has passed, she can stretch and kick hard enough to be uncomfortable, and who can forget the hemorrhoids? But it is all temporary and so worth it. All it takes is to feel a little foot stick out and move around under my hand and I fall in love all over again. I may no longer want to be pregnant forever, but I know this is temporary and I’m loving this time with my sweet baby girl while I have it.

Really the only big negative to this pregnancy was finding out baby girl was breech last week. This has caused me all kinds of stress. If she stays that way I have to transfer care to an OB, and evidently in this region it is an automatic c-section. I have no problem getting a c-section if it’s truly needed, but getting one for this would be hard. So I spent much of last week upside down and at the chiropractor and we THINK she has flipped. She was being a stinker at our appointment on Thursday, so we couldn’t tell for sure, which means I get to see my daughter on ultrasound again on Monday. Send her head-down thoughts!

I can’t believe she could be here on Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. With no “next” or “two” or anything in front of it. Crazy! I realize it will probably be another month, and I’m completely ok with that, but it is still mind blowing to realize I’m at term in another few days.

I love my sweet baby girl and can’t wait to meet her!

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