Baby girl is most definitely head down, which is a very, very good thing! I’m pretty sure she has done all her flipping at night, because I have never noticed it. When laying down my massive hips kind of tip my torso, encouraging baby girl to slide out of my pelvis and have space to move, so I guess it makes sense.

The downside to this is that I can no longer go to bed without worrying she’ll flip while I’m there. I sleep propped up on pillows now, but still every time I lay down she wakes up and gets super active. I’m almost scared to go to bed.

I love feeling her move, and I’m trying to focus on that love instead of nervousness that her movements betoken flipping. I have so little time left where I can feel and enjoy her this way!

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for head down!!!

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