Happy due date to me!

Still no baby. Which isn’t a big surprise. A due date is an average. That means half of all women will give birth before it, and half will give birth after. I guess I’m in the second half!

After all, the E in EDD stands for estimated, not expiration.

I will say, however, it is very fun to watch strangers’ expressions when they ask when I’m due and I say, “Today.” One poor high school girl yesterday jumped when I told her, “Tomorrow,” and got very cautious. She clearly thought that meant I WAS having the baby the next day, and was waiting for my water to break in a dramatic gush and me to start hollering in pain and needing someone to  catch the baby right then. Oh, Hollywood. I think tomorrow is going to be even more fun!

Keep enjoying your stay in there, baby girl. You’ll be coming out to play before too long!

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  1. Yaaaayyyyyyyy! Take at least one belly picture. My mom took one of me in a non-maternity bikini on my due date. While it is not something to be shared with the public (!!!) I occasionally stare at it and try to remember how it felt when my body looked like that. Then I glance over at my toddler and wonder how she ever fit in there… SO GLAD YOU’RE ENJOYING THIS TIME!

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