Getting stressed

I hate arbitrary mandates. In this case, my state has laws which basically come down to this: if I hit 42 weeks and am still pregnant, I have to transfer care to an OB/hospital. If I am with an OB at 42 weeks I don’t know of one who will do anything but be annoyed I was “allowed” to go so long and will try to induce me immediately. If an induction is truly needed, I am completely fine with that, and I am so glad we have modern medicine for those times it is needed. But I have a hard time with being induced (more than doubling my risk for a c-section along with other increased risks) because of a blanket deadline applied to all women. Increased monitoring? Great. But a cut-off date for all women and all babies with no regard to individual circumstances? Not so easy for me to swallow.

And 42 weeks is getting close. Baby girl has seven more days to come out on her own.

I realize seven days is a long time. But when four weeks have already passed of waiting, it doesn’t feel like much time left. Especially when the most likely time to go into labor has passed.

I see my midwives tomorrow. I’ll ask them to do a membrane sweep. I’ll talk to them about castor oil and acupuncture. We’ll try to get things moving. And I really, really hope it works.

Even better, I really, really hope I never get to that appointment because I’m in labor!

I am SO GLAD I was charting when I was trying to get pregnant. Most pregnancies are dated by LMP (last menstrual period), and a due date is set 40 weeks from LMP. Now obviously when you have your period doesn’t matter since baby doesn’t exist at that point, what matters is when conception happens and baby starts growing. LMP is typically used because it is much easier to note and remember than ovulation, so almost all women can give it. An LMP calculation assumes ovulation happens at 2 weeks after your period, which is a fairly typical ovulation timeframe for most women. I, however, ovulate 3 weeks later. And since I knew my ovulation date precisely, we used that to calculate my due date (it being more accurate). This means that I am only 41 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Going by LMP, I would be 42 weeks pregnant on Thursday. In fact, if I had not learned about natural birth, learned to chart, and chosen midwives to deliver my baby, I almost certainly would have been induced last week on the assumption that I was 41 weeks along, since most OBs don’t like you going past then. I am so grateful I educated myself enough to allow myself and baby girl more time to let things happen as they will.

I still love being pregnant. LOVE being pregnant. Sitting here and feeling baby girl wriggle is the most incredible feeling on the planet. If I knew for a certainty that she would be out before 42 weeks, I would not be stressing in the slightest. I am not “ready to be done” in the traditional sense. But I do want to have this baby now, only so that I don’t have to have her in a hospital hooked up to drugs and monitors. And I am a little sad that the stress of this looming deadline is causing me to spend less time cherishing these last days with baby girl inside of me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and zumba this baby out.

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