Top Posts of 2012

As determined by number of page views as tracked by WordPress, here are my most popular posts of 2012:

5. Why my birth wasn’t empowering (And that’s OK)

In this post I discussed how my all-natural birth that turned out ideal in every way still wasn’t the empowering experience I feel it is overtly and subtly billed as being by the natural birth community, and then I explained why that wasn’t a failing on my part and why I was glad I still did it the way I did.

4. Baby girl is here! (Almost 4 weeks ago…)

Evidently parentheticals are good for my page views! In this post I finally introduced Baby Love to you guys, and I talked about the reasons I was glad I was out of hospital for my birth despite it absolutely sucking in many ways. At this point I was still trying to focus on reasons to be grateful instead of being in a place of acceptance. I went into a lot of the ways a hospital birth could easily have been differently than the birth experience I had out of hospital, and got a little pushback from a fan of hospital births.

3. Dumb name, amazing results

Here I introduced EC, or infant potty training, that we do with Annika and how it was working for us. We’re still doing it and still loving it!

2. First food: Banana!

This post is basically a photo stream of Baby Love’s first experience eating (and loving!) banana using Baby Led Weaning.

1. Baby Girl’s Birth Story

3 guesses what this one is about. That’s right, Baby Love’s birth story! I go into a fair amount of detail of what happened when and how things went down in my all-natural, out-of-hospital birth.

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