Places to go!

Dang, you guys, it is hard to find time to blog! So much has changed with my now-8-month-old sweetheart since I last wrote about her.

All of a sudden she is shockingly mobile. She has been commando crawling for months, and about topped out her speed for that type of locomotion, but she was still pretty slow and still stuck on the ground.

On Christmas Eve she sat herself up.

The day after Christmas she straight-up crawled.

January fourth she pulled to a stand (something she probably would have done sooner, but all the furniture available to her was too tall to reach or too short to count as standing if she held it. This day I brought out something the right height and she crawled right over and stood).

About a week later she cruised along our very soft, slippery sofa. Slowly and awkwardly, but still.

So in the space of about three weeks she went from stuck on the floor to cruising. Yeah. Our baby proofing wasn’t quite ready.

Oh, and did I mention she was 7.5 months for the cruising? I’m screwed, aren’t I?

I have no idea where she got her athletic genes. From looking at her daddy and me I’d have guessed she’d be a talkative, immobile lump. I’d think there’d been a mix up at the hospital, but, you know, no hospital.

It’s been over a month since she started crawling and, much like with pregnancy, despite all the dire warnings that I’d hate it once she started, I’ve got to say, I still LOVE watching her move. Sure I have to be more on my toes, and sure she can get into LOTS more trouble. But she can also explore her world in the way she wants and delights in her own mobility. And that, my friends, is a joy to watch.

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