I haven’t been a good blogger, so why don’t I try to catch you up. Each of these things could be a blog post in and of themselves, but since we all know THAT’S not going to happen, let’s go with a bulleted list:

-I started student teaching four weeks ago. It’s been going well. I love teaching and being in a school, and I find it very fulfilling. Baby Love is doing well with her nanny and slowly adjusting.

-I started student teaching four weeks ago. It’s been going horribly. I hate being away from my baby all day. I am counting the weeks (ten plus one off in the middle!) until I can go back to being a stay at home mom. I feel even more lucky than before that I have a husband who is willing and able to support us financially himself and is fully behind me staying home. So much for this new degree.

-One of the things I hate most about being gone is how it affected Baby Love’s nursing. She dislikes the bottle, so is taking much less milk and nursing much less since I’ve been gone. I realize partially this is natural, since she’s taking in more solids, but it feels like this has really accelerated that process. It makes me sad that we’ll never get back the stellar nursing relationship we had before I started working, simply because she’ll be almost a year when I stop, since it feels like this process was rushed to me. I hope she still is nursing regularly when I stop so I can try to rebuild some relationship around it, but right now she’s not too interested. Hopefully this dropping off of interest plateaus or reverses soon.

-Baby Led Weaning is going fabulously. I love it and Baby Love loves it. Every time I watch her explore new foods curiously and openly at her own pace I wonder how I could deny her the opportunity to enjoy and experience her food like this! The other night we went out, and she had an appetizer of cheerios, followed by chicken, carrot, water chestnut, rice, cheese, broccoli, and raw onion (which she ate hand over fist), topped off by half a French fry which she stole off my plate and got in her mouth before I could retrieve it. Half of those foods were new, but she jumped in and tried them eagerly with no fear. She had quite the spread in front of her, and it was adorable watching her evaluate and select her next bite each time. I don’t know many toddlers who are that adventuresome in their eating, let alone 8 month old babies, and I love it! With all my own food issues,I love seeing my daughter growing up without any.

-Another sad thing about being gone is that ec is going out the window. The nanny does potty her some, but it just doesn’t work as well. We’ve gone from never pooping outside the potty to not pooping in it in weeks (which extra sucks as breast milk poop is replaced by solid poop) and barely even tolerating being held on it anymore. It is very frustrating to see all that hard work go out the window, and I hope I can get some of it back when I’m back to being with her full time.

-Sleep is the one thing I have kept you updated on, more or less. It’s..going. Three steps forward, three steps back and I just hope the steps forward were slightly bigger. We were making fantastic progress until we went on a week long cross country trip followed by four teeth cutting in two weeks followed by me going back to work followed by the eight month wonder week/sleep regression. Yeah. I’m not sure how I functioned my first month at work waking up with her 5+ times every night. We’re finally starting to see some progress again towards the positive (*knock wood*). Unfortunately, her longest sleep stretch tends to be the last of the morning…and I get up for work 2-3 hours before her. So I miss it. But with forward progress I can hold on through anything!

-Baby Love has learned a ridiculously cute behavior from her puppy brother. When she wants to move with something rather than trying to hold it in a hand and crawl or cruise she now puts it in her mouth and holds it in her teeth while heading to her destination. It’s ADORABLE. And hilarious.

In summary: I have the cutest, bestest baby ever. The end.

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