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Dear So & So…

I have some things to share. Let’s get into them.

Dear store owners,

Really, y’all? Really? Could you maybe, just maybe, once in awhile, give a teeny-tiny word of praise? I mean, come on, calling the former manager and, literally, cussing her out (before hanging up on her out of anger) because you got one e-mail from one customer that they didn’t like our service, and faxing over the e-mail and insisting everyone read it while calling the former manager names, is a wee bit over the top. And the things the customer complained about? Not getting greeted, or not getting greeted cheerily enough. Not having someone follow her around asking if she wanted help. And not offering to carry her bag of dog food to her car every time. Now hang on. When I am there almost every single customer gets greeted. I don’t care what’s going on, they’re greeted, warmly, when they’re walked in. The exception is if we’re all with a customer, in which case we just smile. Immediately after, if anyone is available, they are asked if they need help. If we can’t get them right away, we’ll ask them if they look like they’re looking for something. And you know what? Half the time, the customers get annoyed that we’re asking if they need help! And carrying bags to the car? I’m sorry, we’re checking out a bag of food every few minutes. If someone needed help getting it to the counter, we’ll offer to carry it to the car. If they look injured or unable to do it, we’ll ask. If they look perfectly healthy we assume they can do it! Know why? If we offer to do a simple physical task for the average person, they get offended!

So how ’bout this. What if, instead of calling and screaming at the former manager and going completely off your rocker, you calmly called the manager, or assistant manager (or even former manager, if you must) to discuss this. See if they had seen anything like this. Point it out to them. Maybe even throw in a, “I know you guys work hard there (which is why we have you do all of the big orders and send them to the other stores), but this came up so I want you to focus on it.” Ask them if there are any employees they think need to work on it.

Or here’s an idea. Get off your lazy ass and come up here yourself to see how things are going.

Because you know what? Customers have before TOLD us that they sent nice letters/e-mails about us to the owners.

And we have never. once. heard. from you that you received them. If the customers hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t have known. One kind e-mail? Nothing. One nasty e-mail? Extreme rudeness and abuse.

There is only so long a person can keep working hard when they are given no respect, or even acknowledgement for doing so, and yet are constantly yelled at for any slight misstep (or the misstep of someone else).

I am so. sick. of working for you.

Either get your ass up here and work to change things, hire managers that you trust and give them the power and freedom to be able to actually manage (rather than making all decisions go through you), or accept that the store may not be exactly how you want. But when you only come up once every few weeks for an hour or so, and take someone off the floor to go talk with them? You have no. idea how things work around here. So stfu.


your disgruntled employee (if you can think of her, since she matters less than the damn cats)


Dear OB,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today and talk to me about what I can do to get ready for pregnancy. There were some med changes we needed to discuss, and I appreciate you meeting with me to do so, even though I’m not pregnant.

However, I’m sorry, but you have pretty much convinced me that I do not want to birth with you.

Maybe it was the way I felt guilty for taking your time (during an appointment I scheduled and paid for). How it felt like you had somewhere more important to be, and I almost lost the courage to ask you my questions. How you were paged by someone else, and told them you’d call them back in a minute once you got out of this patient room (less than 5 minutes after walking in). I did get good information out of you, but I only got to ask about half of the questions I wanted to, and even those were a push.

Maybe it was the way we were very much in a “because I said so” environment, with you saying things like “Go off of this.” End of story. And I was so rushed and trying to make sure I got all my questions in, I didn’t even think to ask, “Why?” No informing of risk or benefit, just “Do this, don’t do that.”

Maybe it was the way you had a woman in labor, but you weren’t with her. You were prescribing procedures over the phone…without being there. I have no idea how close this one was to birth, but I’m guessing you’ll just be racing over there once she is fully dilated and effaced and desperate to push, like you did last time I saw you. Which would make sense if she was down the hall…but she’s not.

Maybe it was how, when at the end I got up the courage to ask if your patients often had birth plans and how you felt about them, you gave the infamous, “Oh yeah, a lot of my patients have birth plans. But you know, if you’re rigid about it, you’ll be certain to have a c-section. It’s Murphy’s Law, that’s how it works. The women who have strict birth plans always end up with c-sections.” Which, roughly translated, means, “Oh sure, you can tell us what you want. And then when you’re in labor and have no power or option to change providers, we’ll tell you what we want. And be unsupportive of your preferences once we’ve stated ours. And then we’ll wait until you’re tired from labor and from fighting us and just give up, and whisk you into an “emergency” c-section at that point.” Saying a women who is rigid about her birth plan always ends up with a c-section just means that you don’t think it is possible to birth without interventions, because if you thought it was, there would be no reason to go against the birth plan and women would be able to be “rigid” and be successful at least sometimes. And really? Women go to midwives all the time with birth plans. Strict ones. I mean, heck, the no pain meds is strict just because there usually aren’t any at a birth center/home. And the vast, vast majority of those women get the birth they want…without a c-section. A midwife has no problem saying, “You need to go to a hospital now,” or, “I’m sorry, but the baby’s in distress, we need a c-section.” But they try everything else first. Because their goal is not to get you in, delivered, and out. Their goal is to help you get the birth you want if at all possible, but still to keep you safe and be realistic. I understand you have to be flexible, because you never know what will happen in your labor, in your birth, or even how you’ll feel at the time. But I think I’d rather a provider who views my birth plan as our goal, rather than my goal.

You have been a great GYN. I just don’t think I want an OB.

your kind-of patient


Dear tutoring center-

I am very excited to be working for you :-D I hope this leads to good things. And I’ve got to say, the e-mail checking on if I’d gotten things to work out timing-wise, saying that you’d be willing to move things if needed because you really want me as a tutor at your organization? Made me feel quite good. :-D

Hope I live up to your expectations! And I hope that my number of hours increase relatively rapidly, so I can leave the pet store.

your future employee


Dear agility-

Thanks so much for letting me swap classes. It is really quite awesome. And it let me take a teaching/tutoring job that I’m hoping will develop into something great.

Y’all rock.

Hope I don’t hold up the new class too much :P

your faithful student

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Friday Fun-I’m baaaack!

Hey, all! Back when I was working full-time I did a TON of memes every Friday! I’ve let that slip since quitting, since I usually work all day Friday at a job w/no computer but let’s try some Friday memes again!

First up, some letters!

Dear Erica,

It has been so, so super awesome having you visiting this week. I hope you had fun, ’cause I know I sure did! I only have one Christmas wish: Please move up here so I can hang out with you regularly! :-D

-your totally not desperate friend


Dear aminals,

I’m sorry, but when Erica leaves you are going to be back to sporadic pets, instead of the constant love-fest she has showered on you. I hope you can adjust without too much whining. That’d be great. Brace yourselves.



Dear readers,

Have I mentioned I have a give-away going? And there are very few entries, so the odds of winning are VERY high? Go for it!

-hopeful blogger


Dear hubby,

Munchkin was the best Christmas present ever! You have already succeeded this Christmas, even if I get no other presents. Now if you and Erica could just both lose at the same time so I could win, that’d be awesome! I was so close last night! Tonight, it’s on.

-your conquering wifey


Dear Parker,

I promise you, I will feed you every day. Twice. There is no need to act like you have never been fed before in your life. Or to cry at me all morning until you are fed. Or to break into any food not locked in a cabinet. I promise, promise, that I will always, always feed you. So shhhhh!


PS I know I’m feeding you enough, because you are gaining weight. The lying isn’t gonna keep working!


OK, moving on! Sadly it seems there is no more Friday Happy Hour (at least that I found) so I’ll move right along to…

My question for y’all: Christmas trees, dead (fake) or alive?

I personally am a fan of the live ones. They smell so good! But, you know, not when I forget to water them and they die a quick, agonizing death of it’s-completely-dried-up-and-will-leave-every-needle-behind-when-we-try-to-move-it-3-feet-to-outside-after-Christmas. Not that that happened. *cough*

And let’s wrap it up with some…

1. Do you regift…and if so, do you have a regifting horror story?
I do not regift…not because I have a problem with it, but because typically my presents are either awesome enough I want to keep them, or crappy enough I just throw them away. I don’t do work secret santas or anything like that which typically results in the re-gifting items.

2. Do you know what you are getting for Christmas this year?
Well, I already got Munchkin, which is AWESOME. Other than that, no idea..but excited! :-D

3. Who brings the most gifts in your family, you or Santa?
Me, definitely. We don’t do Santa. When we have children we probably will, but he will do far less than us. In my family, Santa did stockings, and they were full of exciting gifts like candy and toothbrushes. Kids were allowed to open stockings before the parents came down, and then play quietly with whatever we found until our parents woke up naturally. Brilliant!

4. What store do you love to by jeans from?
Are you kidding me? Who the heck loves to buy jeans?? I have this thing called a butt, which evidently jean makers are unfamiliar with, so buying jeans is like a 4 hour process to end up with one pair that is meh.

5. Christmas meal: Big, All Out Meal or Snacks and Apps?
The hubby and I have started a tradition of making a Connolly sub and munching on it all day. A Connolly sub is basically a giant sub full of deliciousness made on an entire loaf of French bread. Very healthy. *cough* Very delicious.
OK, that’s it! Anyone stopping by, welcome, and feel free to join in the giveaway goodness!


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Dear so & so: Doctors and Parker

It’s been awhile, but I’m participating in one of my favorite memes again! Working on Fridays at a place with no internet makes it hard :-) Let’s dive right in!


Thank you for being awesome. I’m sorry your morning was so stressful. Don’t worry about me, I didn’t mind laying on your table wearing nothing but a flimsy little gown using the stirrups as foot rests while you were called back to the woman who was having a baby. This is why I bring a book. Nor did I mind you getting paged back to her again during our appointment. It’s all good. Despite the craziness and stress, you managed to make me feel more listened-to and provide me with more answers and hope than any other doctor I’ve seen in a long time. No retiring, OK?

Much love,

your patient


Dear garden,

Thank you for providing me with a freaking huge zucchini! Now if you could tell your plants to provide more female flowers I’ll happily help you get busy. But you gotta give me something to work with. All those poor male flowers are dying from disappointment, unfulfilled. I’d like some cantaloupe and watermelon, and I’d like more zucchini, please! Thanks!

your slave


Dear cat rescue,

Please, please, please just make a decision on whether I can bring my kitty home. Or at least call and schedule my home visit. I turned in an application last Saturday. Tuesday you called for a phone interview, the first I’d heard about the progress (despite working with one of the main people). Wednesday I called back until I got you to have the phone interview. At the end you said that it sounded good, and that while you had another application mine looked good, was in first, and you knew me. Giving me hope. Again. You told me you wanted to schedule a home visit, and someone else would call me to set that up. And then…nothing. Today I mentioned to the girl I work with that I’m available to schedule the home visit. And she just said OK. So what is up??? If you’re going to deny me, fine. But please tell me. This living in limbo just waiting for you to contact me is killing me. I want to bring home my man, or start to get over him. The increase of hope is going to hurt.

Please tell me where we stand.

your desperate employee/potential adopter


Dear Parker,

I love you, little man. I’m doing what I can to bring you home. Thanks for the awesome cuddles today. It was nice to just go and sit with you, without having to work to get you to play with Toby. You came and purred and cuddled, and then settled in at my feet. Purring. You’re awesome.

Hoping you have a home, soon, little man.

your mommy-to-be (hopefully)


Dear therapist,

Thanks for being amazing. Seriously. I love good health care providers. They’re so rare. I’m not freaking out about the RIDICULOUS adoption process anymore. It will happen, or it won’t. But either way, they’re insane. Let’s not go on vacation alternating weeks anymore, mmk? I’m already hooked on our weekly talks.

your adoring patient


That is all. Happy Friday, everyone!

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I’m home on a Friday!

Why hello loyal bloggy readers! I’m finally home again on a Friday! It’s been awhile, the last two I was travelling, so I need to get back on the meme wagon.

First, lets talk about the one I don’t want to talk about:

OK, here we go:

Starting weight: 139.5 lb

Last week: 140.0 lb

This morning: 140.0 lb

Change from last week: 0 lb

Change from start: we’re not going there!

*sigh* I’ve been in the 139 area all week, but this morning, of course, the scale would not cooperate! It doesn’t help that yesterday was my birthday! so I totally overate at the amazing dinner that my hubby took me out to…and then the free caramel Sundae…and then the candy at the movie…*cough*

But things are going to get better now! Because do you know what arrived on my doorstep yesterday? My shiny new Wii Fit Plus! Holy crap it’s fun! I mean, not in a “Oh look, it’s a game!” kind of way, but definitely fun for a workout. And it appeals to all the obsessively-goal-oriented and competitive sides in me, what with all the little enticers. Things like the chart on the front that maps your BMI. Or how you stamp each day you check in. Or how your little time bank grows and changes as you work out more. Or how every. Single. Exercise/game has a leader board of scores! Seriously, last night the hubby and I plugged it in, and after we both did our set-up he opened a game. And instantly it was on. I refused to let him go to bed until I played every game he had played. So I could kick his ass we could compare. Yeah. It’s fun. I’m trying to play it little enough that it stays fun, instead of going nuts and burning out. But man. Fun. :-D

There, see how I smoothly transitioned us OFF of the topic of my weight? Yup. I’m good like that.

Up next.

Dear dysthemia-

Thanks for cutting me some slack! It’s been nice, I feel good today! I even felt good yesterday! Which was nice, what with it being my birthday and all, and what with it not being a day full of super fun things (not that you weren’t fun, refrigerator repair man!). Maybe I can deal with you without meds!

Your biggest anti-fan


Dear Toby-

I love you. So much. You are such a good, good boy. Thank you for helping me get through the hard early part of this week. It never ceases to amaze me how I can be spiraling down, and you either respond to my cue for help instantly, or sense what I need, and become the only thing that can pull me back up so I can get in control. Love you, baby!

your mommy

PS So sorry to nick your eyelid the other night while trimming your face/eyelashes! Thank you for being such a good boy and not freaking out, and even letting me finish trimming! I promise to be more careful in the future. *cuddle*


Dear new job-

I love working at you! I’m learning so much about health and nutrition…granted, it’s for animals, but the same basic principals apply to us! I mean, not the eat lots of protein and carbs are useless, but the meet your needs and your entire health/behavior will improve! I have seen the amazing change in my dog, going from a diet of Wellness (pretty high quality but with grain) to a half-and-half diet of Wellness and Acana (high quality grain-free) mixed with a tiny bit of wet food to spoil him. His plaque has disappeared. His energy level is higher, but in a good non-manic way. He’s softer. He’s just healthier. I can’t wait until the Wellness I have is gone and to see what happens when we go to a full Acana diet!

Makes me think maybe I should try it for me. New goal: Find a primary care physician who is more holistic, instead of just checking off a list of individual, separate symptoms, and assigning a drug for each, or telling me I’m “within normal levels” on each individual thing when the whole is not right.

Thanks for opening my eyes!

Your employee


Dear Wii Fit-

Thanks for rocking my socks off!

The soon to be fit-ter me!


Dear hubby-

Thanks for such a wonderful birthday. I had an awesome time with you last night. A really, really AWESOME time. You are the bestest hubby ever, and I am so lucky :-)

your wifey


OK, I think that’ll do for now.

Next up:

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?

Not being overly-pushy. Seriously, I really get annoyed with people who can’t take a hint and who keep pushing to have more and more and more time together. Let me enjoy the time we had, stop pushing for the next time! Everyone should be able to spend some time alone without freaking!

Can you tell I’ve had issues with this? In other people, not me. No, really! I err on the side of hiding in my home.

Otherwise, it’s mainly who I can relax and hang out with. Being non-judgmental of everyday things. Someone I can talk to and know that when I leave they won’t be gossiping about me. I am hard on friends. I have very few I’m really comfortable with. I <3 my bestest buds and can’t wait to see them again!

Which reminds me of my last criteria: Live near me. (Hint hint Erica!)

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?

How ’bout the last thing I returned and later regretted? As I’ve mentioned, I have a thing about books. I like owning the copy I read. But I also like them all to match. Well, my friend has me reading The Dresden Files. It’s OK, I’m not a huge fan, but they’re fun. Well, I was going on a trip and I needed the next one in the series, so I bought it at the airport bookstore, even though it was a weird-sized paperback. You know the ones where they’re too tall but the right width for a standard paperback? What is up with those?? So odd! Anyway, I wanted the right dimensions, and I’m not really attached to these books, so I had my hubby return it yesterday, assuming I could find the right size somewhere. Now, however, I’m realizing I can’t find it anywhere, even online! Argh! So if I have to have an oversized copy, I at least want my oversized copy! I’ll have to swing by and see if they still have it. :-P

As for buying things…I never regret buying things! Oh wait, I know, a Victoria’s Secret bra! I was with my mom and we went and had a great fitter, who totally understood women who don’t have much of a chest at all, and recommended good bras and how to fit. So I bought one. But then I got home, and realized the one I bought didn’t fit quite right. So I need to return it. Except my mom bought it and I paid her back with a check, so she could get the points. So I’m not sure if I can return it. Hmm, I should try. :-P

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?

No. My hubby takes good care of me, and makes sure people know not to do this. I couldn’t really handle it. The closest I’ve had is when I worked in a cleanroom for a summer job. I was an engineering intern, so I was in and out of the fab (cleanroom). One of my fab coworkers went around and told everyone one of my legs was shorter than the other. You know, the classic Eileen = I-lean joke? Except he didn’t tell it as a joke. He told it as a fact. Soon everyone around me believed it, and it took me awhile to catch on. Subtlest play on my name ever, it amused me :-)

4. What is your favorite theme park?

Not really a theme park kinda girl…heat + crowds = bleh. I did thoroughly enjoy Ocean Park in Hong Kong! Combination aquarium and theme park, that was a lot of fun. Dolphin shows, fun rides, cool jellyfish aquarium, it was just a good time!

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?

Not unless “A Baby Story” counts! I’m kind of curious about it. What with me getting more and more ready to go through it and all. It’s crazy how birth is now-a-days, from what I see. They are so involved. Thus far every episode I’ve seen ends in c-section. Even the ones that try for a “natural” birth with “no drugs” have used pitocin to speed up labor. Here this woman is dilated, so they’re about to break her water for her. What the heck? What ever happened to just letting it happen? I don’t want a home birth, because if something does go wrong I want to be right where I need to be, and I have no problem using pain meds, but I don’t understand how managed it all is anymore. I don’t want to pick my baby’s birthday ahead of or right on the due date so they don’t “get to big.” My brother and I were both 2 weeks late. It didn’t used to be a big deal. It’s like the facebook group says: “It’s a due date, not an expiration date!” So we shall see how my own goes, but I anticipate some arguments in my future. One thing I’ve learned from all my experiences: don’t just trust the “experts.” They’re just people doing their job like the rest of us. Pushing back is not bad.

So that’s it! To play along with any of the memes, just click on the buttons.

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Friday – the fat edition

Well HELLO lovelies! Let us take a trip down meme lane…

Dear new manager,

Thank you for hiring me! I am loving this job! I was actually kind of bummed because I didn’t get to go in yesterday. And Wednesday, when my shift was up, I didn’t want to leave, so you let me stay an extra hour. So cool! Can’t wait to see y’all again tonight!

your newest employee


Dear self,

Yo! You are trying to lose weight, here! And you were doing so good! I mean, kinda, but you were forming healthier habits and you actually lost. wtcrap happened? And why oh why did you stop and buy those cheetos? Well, now your shopping for the week is done, and no more, I mean it! There will only be healthy food in this house…once you’ve finished the cheetos and cookies…and coke totally counts as healthy…

Signed, try harder


Dear garden bed,

Please complete yourself. My hubby has a hard week ahead, and then we’re out of town the next two weekends. I’d like to get plants in the ground BEFORE June, so if you could just throw those last few screws together I’d be forever grateful. Or if you make us work on you, please, just slide together effortlessly. Your choice. I’m flexible.

your excited soon-to-be-user


Nothing like some letters to pretend things will change! I’m just going to sneak this next one in the middle here and hope you don’t notice it…

Real quick now:

Last week: 139.0
This week: 140.0
Difference: + 1.0

*sigh* Must…keep…good…habits. I hate exercising. Hate it. But now at work I throw around 30 pound bags of dog food and stand all day. That’s going to help, right? I mean, if I can stop eating crap all other times?

I will do better next week. Promise to try.

Now come on, you’ve seen my post of shame, go to either host and link up and try it out yourself! What’s the worst that happens? I’ve already done it! Alrighty, then!

Alright, a new meme…’cause I just can’t get enough!

1. Take your pick…date night, girls night out, or night out alone?

Hmmm, this one’s a bit weird for me…’cause normally I’d pick a night alone, what with nights alone being the most relaxing thing on the planet. But it says night out. Which means it’s gonna be a wee bit stressful no matter what. I’m thinking girls night out, only because my grrrrrls don’t live by me anymore :'( If I could get either to move their lazy butts over here, I would spend a night out with them in a heartbeat!!

2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Why yes I can, thank you for asking. This is a talent so oft under-appreciated.

3. What is your favorite flower and why?

I don’t know! I really like flowers with two colors in the petals, like one near the center and then one farther out…and no dinky tiny flowers, I like the big ones. But I don’t really have a specific one…or if I do I can’t think of it. Hubby could probably name it, he’s better at remembering such things :-)

4. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

Do what you love, not what gives you the status you feel you need. You have always loved animals. Always. The only thing that has changed is which animal is the focal of the obsession (it started as cats). So please, just because people go “ooooh!” when you say you’re an engineering student, and you had a great HS physics teacher and super crappy bio teacher…don’t stay in a program you hate..for the entirety of college! Here’s a hint: if you hate the school for it, you’re probably not going to love the job for it…

5. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you would do?

Ooooh, this one is hard! But probably open a SD training school. I’d love to do that! And with not having to worry about income, I could! And send my hubby down to umpire camp so he can try that out as a career. And buy a new house with a soaker tub. Mmmmm, soaker tub. Mmmm….. And maids! Hire maids!

Oh, and, um, give to charity. Of course. *cough*

And naturally, this is all after I finish screaming. :-D

OK, well that’s it for today, got to get myself together and run off to a private training session. Take care, y’all!!


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Back on the meme-wagon

So it’s my first week of freeeeedom! Woo-hoo! So nice. I’ve been enjoying not being at work/in front of a computer all day, and so I’ve, well, not been in front of a computer all day! Instead, I’ve been getting chores done, getting supplies for my raised bed, updating my website…getting all the stuff off of my to-do list that’s been on there for months! Just today I went and changed the lights in Companions! My main space is lit by 3 lights. Ever since I moved in, one has been burned out. Another has been dull/flickering/not reliably on. Then I have a back area that was pitch black, and it curved to get there so light from the front room didn’t reach there. Well, now I’ve changed the bulbs in the main room so it’s nice and bright, and hung a new light in the back room! Woo-hoo! Damn, look at me go!

What was the point of this post again?

Oh right, memes.

Well, today I’m puppy-less, so I’m going to spend some nice time with all you friendly people in my computer to soothe my loneliness. OK, let’s start out as we always do.

Dear sweet puppy,

I miss you. I have a hard time leaving you behind..even though I know you’re having fun. The new doggie daycare owner wanted another dog on hand to play with her single client for the day, and so you’re getting this day of play for free, but darn was it hard to walk out that door! I can’t wait to come pick you up and get some tired Toby cuddles!

your mommy


Dear whatever is blooming and wreaking utter HAVOC on my system,

GO AWAY. I hate HATE HATE not being able to breath. I almost never got sick as a child, and I never had allergies until a few years ago, so I don’t know how to handle this. Plus I have a hard enough time getting rest! Now you’re stopping me from sleeping peacefully! Please, just die off so I can breathe again. I like breathing. It improves my quality of life.

From someone who’s very sick of you


Dear sun,

Thank you for coming out to play. It is so pleasant being out and soaking up your rays. You can stay around if you’d like. Especially through Sunday when I’m planning a dog beach day.

your neon-white fan


Dear firefox,

What the hell, man? I downloaded the newest update, and now all my tabs are screwy! For awhile there when I opened a link in a new tab it popped up directly to the right of my current tab, and I didn’t flip over to it automatically. That was nice. It was right there, I could open several links and flip through them as each loaded, at my pace. Now the new tab is waaaaay at the end of my list of tabs, and it jumps me over there! So I have to keep scrolling back left to open each link. Let me tell you, I’m exploring a lot less on the internet because I’m sick of it. Please go back to normal. Please?

your #1 user

PS I have my settings set so you should NOT flip to said new tab. And yet you do. What the hell, man? What the hell?


Dear former office,

I can’t believe you guys just drove out a great drafter. He was so easy to work with, you could hand him chicken scratch and stick picturess and he turned them into beautiful, clear drawings. He even double checked things like your welds for you, since he’s seen so many he had an idea if what you called out didn’t make sense, and would just make a note fyi. As everyone knows, you can never have enough critical pairs of eyes on a drawing! But there were a few people who didn’t like his “attitude” (I don’t get it, I never saw any) and you listened to them. I wish you’d asked us others if we liked working with him (YES!) rather than just listening to the whiners. Especially since one of the main whiners was my three-lettered friend, who most of us underlings didn’t get along with in the first place. Sucks so bad for the drafter, and you really screwed him over, basically telling him to quit so he gets no severance or anything. And the job market sucks.


Former employee


I have lots to be happy about. Let’s focus on it!

I am happy that I can finally spend quality time with my husband! I think I’ve spent more quality time with him in the last week than I had in the previous year. If not, it’s close.

I am happy I can enjoy the sunshine because I’m home while it’s light!

I am happy I can plan and make dinners, rather than hubby just picking something up.

I am happy the grass seed has grown into real live grass in the backyard!

I am happy my hubby is willling to help me build an elevated garden bed in the backyard! Maybe I’ll actually get some crops this year!

I am happy that my puppy is so happy to be home with me more often!

I am happy that Companions is slowly but surely growing! (*knock wood*)

OK, now for the one I’m not so happy about:

*ahem* So. I’m slowly adjusting to being home more. I have a lot more opportunities to walk…but I have to take them. It’s not so much a natural part of my day anymore. Also, I keep playing that forget-to-eat-then-be-starving-and-stuff-my-face game. So in short….not much to show. But I haven’t gained. And quite frankly, if I continue not-gaining, I will be happy!

So, enough stalling.

Last week: 139.5
This week: 139.0

It’s an improvement! I mean, barely, but it is! And that kind of only counts the time that the scale read 139, rather than the 140-141 readings…shhh. This morning I got up and weighed myself..and 139. So of COURSE it’s today’s that counts! Naturally…

Anyway, yay losing weight! Now if I can keep it going. I’m slowly gaining good habits. Snack on fruit (I’ve got it all cut up and ready to go). Drink water instead of..anything else. Get out and go on walks. Park far away from where you’re going. Use the elliptical. It’s all coming. And hopefully it’ll help me lose!

Oh, and I totally take it back. I’m shooting for 130. Not 125. 130. I’m an adult. And my luscious hips may not allow for 125. Really, my goal is to fit into my old clothes, and to be able to buy new ones that I feel pretty in. I’m just thinking that’s going to happen more around 130 than 125.

There’s a Mr. Linky this week! So go to 2 much testosterone or Mommy Drinks Because You Cry and link up!

And finally, a quick cheater meme:


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Before I head out…

…let’s have some Friday fun! As always, the buttons lead to the blogs.

I need this one:

Dear training friend,

I am glad we are friends. Really, I am. It is nice to have someone to talk to dog stuff about. And you do your research and have started a business before, so you have good info for me. But seriously. We’re facebook friends. And I’m political on facebook, largely because I think politics are important, and largely because I like talking about things I’m interested in and my fb wall is my forum to post what is important to me. So when I respectfully put up an article which respectfully states something I agree with, please don’t come back with a response that is 1) completely unintelligent, 2) completely off-topic to the article I had put up, and 3) completely beside even the point you wanted to make. Or if you’re going to, make your comment and leave it alone. Stop hounding and hounding and hounding me on my wall.

And I realize you’re old enough to be my mother, but I will not “understand when I’m older.” I understand your point. I do. I have lived it in other arenas. I just disagree. And you know, when I was on the other side of this issue in that other arena, I acted the exact same way. It was hard, but I felt it was right then, and I still feel it’s right now.


your peeved friend


Dear self,

Please calm down. It doesn’t matter when people say stupid things. Really. Except that they then get power, because stupid, simple phrases are easy to remember and repeat. And then with that power they can hurt people. But aside from that, it doesn’t matter.

Why do you care so much when people are stupid or hypocritical or illogical? The caring takes too much energy. If you could figure out a way to turn off the caring sometimes, that would be nice.

No? OK, well, I’ll find a way to deal, and maybe someday I’ll have the guts to put up a political post here.



Dear hubby,

Thanks for the service dog idea! I love what you came up with! Now just to find the time to put it together. But I will, and hopefully soon I’ll get started training SDs!

Also, thanks for offering to move. I know you don’t want to, it was so sweet of you to offer. But we’ll find a way to make it all work out :-)



Dear Puget Sound dog owners,

Where’d you all go? How do I have 2 full classes, and then not a single person signs up for the next? You are confusing me. Please sign up soon, I’d love to work with you!



Dear government,

I would like to be able to sell things for my business, in addition to offering services. I am not sure why you rejected my application. My friend has the exact same business and applied for the exact same thing and got it. I’ll try again, please approve me this time!

Small business owner


Dear AT&T,

Same request as last week. Get it together. Verizon already has one phone I’d love, and will have another as of Thursday. You will be offering both “soon.” As you have been saying for a month.

I want to stay your customer. It would make my hubby happy, and I’d like us both to be happy. But “soon” needs to actually mean soon at some point.

At least make an announcement.

I’m getting tired of missing things for Companions due to your ineptitude.

pissed customer


OK, that’s good. Let’s talk about some happy things. Maybe then my blood will stop boiling. (That first letter is true. She really got to me. I don’t quite know why)

Here we go! If you remember, this is a meme where you post anything that made you smile, laugh, or giggle this week. See? I’m smiling! *grits teeth* :P

Hehe :-) My coworker has a laser-pointer-crazy cat. She is fun to play with.


This week I was teaching the first session with dogs for a new class. I was a bit apprehensive, because of the 3 dogs in class, 1 was a puppy, 1 had already failed out of another obedience class for bad behavior, and 1 was completely out-of-control and the owner told me she was expecting to fail out.

Class starts, all 3 dogs arrive.

Chaos reigns.

I can’t even speak, the barking is so loud. They’re straining and lunging at each other (thank you new tie-offs!). I wait for pauses and then talk. We start out clicking for eye-contact. Any time the dog looks at them, they get a click and a treat. Things quiet down within minutes…until they don’t pay attention to the dog for any length of time. I show them how to body-block their dogs when they bark, cutting off options, blocking their view, but not even looking at them as reinforcement. We work on many new cues, with a group of dogs who hasn’t really listened before. They never stop working, always keeping the dogs engaged. As the hour goes on, the room gets quieter.

At the end of the hour I call them all back into the room (they’d been doing something one at a time, so two teams were waiting in the entrance area watching) to do a wrap-up, assign homework, ask for questions. They all come in and stand closer together than they have all night without thinking about it. No one is working with their dog.


I couldn’t help but smile. How far to have come in just one hour!


In another class last night, there are two boxers. One is an adult, one is a puppy. They L.O.V.E. each other and want to play all the time. This week we let them play to practice some recall (calling out of play). The puppy was constantly pinned by the adult, who would just lay on him and hold him in place while the puppy fought furiously. At one point the puppy got up on the adult’s back and sprawled over it. And then stopped. He had no idea what to do when he wasn’t losing. It was so adorable to see the surprise on his face! The adult stood up, and the puppy slid off, still surprised, and ended up pinned again before he knew what happened.


At the beginning of that same class, I suggested the students use the tie offs my favorite student and her husband installed for me! They hook up the adult to the wall by his harness, I turn to walk back to the puppy, and turn around to find the adult following me. In the 10 seconds my back was turned he had managed to slip out of his full harness and his collar, and his big, barrel-chested, naked self was strutting across the room to me. He looked so proud, I couldn’t help but laugh!


My husband and I have discovered a new species. It is known as underbedtoby. It is a small, furry creature which lives under our bed and frequently pushes little rubber squeaky balls out at random intervals. You can get a glimpse of the elusive underbedtoby if you pick up the ball that pops out and throw it, causing him to streak out from under the bed. Thus far we have only managed to record a blur; Loch Ness Monster pictures are more credible. But I swear he’s real! If you heard his whimpering, you would believe…


Well that was successful, now I’m smiling and happy! Talking about dogs will do that to me :-) Hope y’all have a good weekend, I’m off to catch some crab!


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Let’s just jump right into the memes!

Dear AT&T,

Please get your act together. I understand you get a lot of customers because you have a lock on the iPhone, but I would appreciate some other alternatives. Other good alternatives, to clarify. You say you have good phones coming out “soon,” but you keep being behind the game. Verizon already offers the Palm Pre Plus, you still haven’t given a release date. And theirs is  20% the price of yours. The HTC Droid Incredible is billed as the replacement for the HTC Desire. The Incredible is available on Verizon in less than two weeks. You have the rights to the Desire, but no announcement when it’s coming out. Still. Maybe you could try to get ahead of the game, rather than following Verizon on everything except the iPhone. I would like one of these:

Pronto. kthnxbye

Your annoyed customer

P.S. I know I was previously waiting on the Palm Pre Plus to come out. You guys got so behind the ball on that, it looks like Palm might fold before you even release the phone! I’d prefer a phone with updates for the next two years. But thanks anyway.


Dear Glee,

You are awesome. Thank you for coming back. I missed you so much. Sue’s cutting insults. Rachel’s craziness.  Your ability to take songs I hate and perform them so well I subsequently love them. I don’t know how I lived without you.

And thank you for tossing in an insult for Sarah Palin. Really. Made my night.

Don’t go anywhere…I’ll be stalking watching you!

Your ardent fan


Dear favorite student,

I had a bunch of fun fixing your truck on Wednesday night. I know you were freaking out when neither door would latch, but poking around and getting greasy was a good time, and there’s nothing like the feeling of figuring it out! I also appreciate that before I even did that, you volunteered yourself and your hubby to come and install my tie-off points for me. You are just too awesome. So glad I met you! As you’ve pointed out, it’s fun to know someone as dog-crazy as myself, who can happily spend 2 hours at the dog beach without noticing :-)

Your trainer/friend


Dear weekend,

Please don’t kill me. I realize I’ll be out working from 8:30 to 3:30 on Saturday, and then from about 1:45-the end of time Sunday, but they’re all jobs I love, interpreting and training! I’m thrilled business is growing, and I’m not going to ask it to wait a couple weeks, so if you could be merciful I’d appreciate it.

Nervous but excited entrepreneur


Dear eyeballs,

Stop hurting. Seriously. I know I’ve been staring at screens non-stop and forgetting to blink, but come on. This ache is painful. I’ve never had my actual eyeballs hurt. I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

The Brain


Man, y’all are right! I AM getting more positive! An end in sight is amazing. People here try to guilt me, and I don’t even care. Awesome. This “happiness” is foreign…but appreciated!

OK, trying something new this week from Keeping Up with Kelly & Co:

Join in the Friday Fun by posting anything that made you smile, laugh, or giggle this week— a story, a picture, a video, a website. After a long work week, what could be better than a Friday Funny?? (okay, happy hour probably, but still!) Even if I only ever have a few posts– like I used to tell my students, “What you have is more than you had before” :-) Why not pass on the smiles?

First up, my favorite student and her dog have been working on play-dead. They learned this kind of round-about. At first they didn’t want to learn it, so they just taught lay down as one cue, and then roll on your side as another, separate cue (“Are you so tired?”). Then she decided she wanted to be able to “shoot” her dog. So we mini-back-chained them together (Back chaining: starting at the end and adding previous steps. This way the dog always does the hard part first, and finishes with what they know). She told her dog to do one, then the other, time after time in a row. Then she asked for a “down” and waited. After a second, the dog, who knew the pattern they’d been doing, rolled onto her side. Woohoo! She worked on this all last week, getting the trick into a smooth collapsing motion to one side. So this week we touched on that, then tried to work on other things. But every single time she stopped moving and looked at her dog, her dog collapsed onto her side, complete with flopping her head on the ground, and waited. She was having so much fun with that cue! We just kept laughing, because her dog is really adorable as she collapses on the ground and holds stock still, and her spontaneous death amused us.

Maybe you had to be there.

This news spot also made me laugh. Repeatedly. A lot. Fair warning: it’s political and teasing FOX news. And also hilarious. Don’t drink anything while you watch. “It turns out it’s worse than we thought. The people in the white house are not secret muslims – they’re nerds.” *giggle*

::UPDATE:: One more. I published, and instantly came across this. It is impossible not to smile :-)

Evidently Kelly doesn’t often get a lot of people participating in this meme, but how fun is it? I mean, OK, maybe mine weren’t that funny because I wasn’t storing funny happenings for this Friday, but still, awesome meme!

All right, and I think we’re leaving it at that. I don’t really need a Happy Hour this week, ’cause I’m already pretty happy! I mean, not that it’s not fun anyway, but I am supposed to be working…so for that reason I’m gonna skip past any of the other memes.

As always, click on the buttons to play along!

Join in the Friday Fun by posting anything that made you smile, laugh, or giggle this week— a story, a picture, a video, a website. After a long work week, what could be better than a Friday Funny?? (okay, happy hour probably, but still!) Even if I only ever have a few posts– like I used to tell my students, “What you have is more than you had before” :-) Why not pass on the smiles?


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Friday Fun + Give Away Day!

Dear weather gods,

Please choose a season. Preferably a warm, sunny one. The inch of hail covering my car yesterday when I went outside was a bit disturbing for April.

Also, you could let up on Chicago. You have caused my hubby and me to miss flights one too many times.

Thank you for your consideration.



Dear new students,

You are awesome! That was the most fun I’ve had in a class in awhile. Thanks for giving me something to look forward every Thursday to for the next 6 weeks!

Your happy trainer


Dear back/neck/sciatic nerve,

Please stop hurting. Please? I promise that tomorrow I will spend an hour doing nothing but letting someone else make you feel better at Massage Envy. But I would like to be able to get through today w/o the constant pain. (Please?)


PS Thank you for not causing my leg to buckle last night in class. Way to be good for an hour :-)


Dear readers,

Don’t forget to enter my give away! Today’s the last day to enter, and right now you’d have a (roughly) 50-50 chance of winning! I promise the prizes are awesome :-D I also promise that after tonight I will stop mentioning it ;-)

Excited gifter


Actually in a good mood this morning..maybe because it IS morning so nothing’s had a chance to happen yet :-D I’m scraping for things to write about for Dear So and So (since I usually use it to vent ;-).

(10 minutes later) Yup, that was it. The so-early-nothing-has-happened thing. Guess I’m not done with Dear So and So…

Dear three-lettered-friend,

You don’t know how lucky you still are to be in one piece. It’s a good thing I have a lot of self-control. Please stop changing things that cause me to restart all of my calcs on the day the calc book is due. I will do it, but you d@mn well better not blame me if the book isn’t done due to this change. I already refused to start over once due to an unnecessary change you proposed yesterday, but I guess it was in vain. These changes would be less annoying if they weren’t going directly against things our boss has told us. Please, when we decide something just accept it, stop going back and questioning ad-infinium. Also, your “fast and stupid” work style means that I no longer trust anything that comes out of your mouth, because you’ve not really seriously considered it, and I know there’s a 50-50 chance you’ll rescind it and decide you were wrong anyway.

your “subordinate” for just 3 more little weeks…

PS I realize you (finally) had a good catch. If it wasn’t for all the other ones that weren’t good I’ve been dealing with I wouldn’t be upset. Also if it wasn’t the day the book was due that you thought about this. But mainly that first point.


OK. That feels better.

I am happy that I only have 3 weeks to go!

I am happy that I get to “draw” names for my first give-away this evening!

I am happy that my hubby is finally home!

I am happy that yesterday I got, not one, but two new clients!

I am happy that I have another Sunday afternoon doggy playdate on the beach with a friend scheduled!

I am happy that both of my classes this week went really well and helped me remember the joy of training!

I am happy that every single client I have met with this week went out of their way to express out-loud how much progress they saw and how incredibly happy with my services they were!

I am happy that I got a little tiny job that will be fun and hopefully open the door to more!

I am happy that I got to see some of my favorite coworkers yesterday, who I thought would be at their remote location until after I was gone!

See? Happy! That’s way more happy than I can usually pull out! :-D And that was non-stop without really trying!

Aloha, y’all!

My aloha Friday question for you:

If you could enter a give-away with any prize possible, what would be your ideal prize?

Mine are not super common, good fiction books would be the first (hence the topic of my give-away…). I love to read and I love recommendations and I just love love love owning books. Another great one would be puppy-stuff. Treats, toys, training tools, I love it all! I go into a pet store and I can’t leave!

How ’bout you? Let me know in the comments!

And finally, below I’ll put up the pics for Friday Follow and Follow-Me-Friday. That’s all the effort those two take :-D

If you want to play along with any of these memes, just click on the buttons to go to the host site!

(And don’t forget to go enter my give away!)


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Friday!!! ::dancey::

Woo hoo, time for another installment of all your favorite memes and mine! Let’s just get right down to it, shall we?

Dear lovely student and wife,

I am sorry, and you guys absolutely LOVE me, but you are the first student I’ve been glad to see go. You are so sure of and proud of your pro-Dog-Whisperer stance, and it gets more extreme every day. You will not listen to any other idea, even if I don’t tell you to drop what you’re doing but merely suggest another alternative to try in addition. It was hurting me to watch. Yesterday, at the last session of class, when your dog was barking in class and your wife was poking her in the neck hissing “tssst!” (which you may have noticed had no effect) I had to turn and walk back around the corner. Your story later that night about your dog barking at a group of people and dogs and your response being to physically force her onto the ground (NOT AN ALPHA ROLL despite what Milan says) and pin her on her back, while she fought you viciously for 3 minutes before calming down and “remembering who is in charge” made my stomach clench. I am glad you didn’t get bitten…this time. I hope your dog, who will be 200 pounds full-grown, does not end up euthenized for a bite because of your training viewpoints.

Good luck. I honestly wish the best of luck to you, for your dog’s sake if nothing else.

Discouraged trainer


Dear April,

Welcome! I am so glad you are finally here! I am losing my tenuous grip on sanity a little more every day, and would appreciate if you could just fly by for me. Sound good? Great!

your biggest fan, who wants to see you gone


Dear hubby,

Have fun on  your trip! I will miss you lots and lots the 6 days you’re gone, but I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time. Don’t worry, Toby will take care of me :-)

Love you more than you know,

your wifey


Dear Easter,

It is so nice to forget about you. After having you as such a big part of my life, what with lent and holy week, it is a very freeing feeling to forget you exist this year. Even after you were no longer important to me, I was still very aware of your approach. I just realized this morning, after the hubby was already gone, that the timing of his trip meant I’d be alone for Easter. I love that I don’t care.

I’m sure we’ll be friends again in the future, when my kids would like eggs and candy.

Until then,

your former fan


Dear Twilight movies,

Please don’t suck as much as I’m afraid you will. But what with the hubby gone, you and me have a date this weekend. I swore I would never do it…but I am (thanks a lot, Erin, for putting up the teaser for Eclipse!).

Hopeful soon-to-be viewer


Dear dysthymia,

Please go away. Please. Or just go on vacation until May. Then I can get help to learn how to live with you peacefully. But seriously, Wednesday was scary. And I really don’t want to have to miss any more work due to you. Or anymore activities I love (this time, agility).

your increasingly desperate roommate in this body

OK, well that was fun! Most therapeutic meme ever. Click on the picture and go try it out! On to some happies.

I am happy that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m in my last month!

I am happy that I have a friend to go to the dog beach with.

I am happy that it is the weekend (soon) and I got through another week!

I am happy that I am enjoying my brain candy. There’s a 13-year-old-girl in all of us… (No? Just me?)

I am happy that my puppy loves me.

Phew. OK. Stretching a bit this week. It has been a long one. A looooong one.

One last meme for today:

My question for the week:

If you had a day with no obligations to spend however you wanted, what would you do?

I ask this because I do! Sunday! Hubby’s not home, no clients to meet, just me and the puppy. Hmmm…I think that I shall stay in my pajamas most of the day, watch bad TV and movies, spend a lot of time in bed reading, and eat unhealthy things. Yup, that’s pretty much my ideal day: sloth and gluttony.

How ’bout you?


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