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Friday Fun + Give Away Day!

Dear weather gods,

Please choose a season. Preferably a warm, sunny one. The inch of hail covering my car yesterday when I went outside was a bit disturbing for April.

Also, you could let up on Chicago. You have caused my hubby and me to miss flights one too many times.

Thank you for your consideration.



Dear new students,

You are awesome! That was the most fun I’ve had in a class in awhile. Thanks for giving me something to look forward every Thursday to for the next 6 weeks!

Your happy trainer


Dear back/neck/sciatic nerve,

Please stop hurting. Please? I promise that tomorrow I will spend an hour doing nothing but letting someone else make you feel better at Massage Envy. But I would like to be able to get through today w/o the constant pain. (Please?)


PS Thank you for not causing my leg to buckle last night in class. Way to be good for an hour :-)


Dear readers,

Don’t forget to enter my give away! Today’s the last day to enter, and right now you’d have a (roughly) 50-50 chance of winning! I promise the prizes are awesome :-D I also promise that after tonight I will stop mentioning it ;-)

Excited gifter


Actually in a good mood this morning..maybe because it IS morning so nothing’s had a chance to happen yet :-D I’m scraping for things to write about for Dear So and So (since I usually use it to vent ;-).

(10 minutes later) Yup, that was it. The so-early-nothing-has-happened thing. Guess I’m not done with Dear So and So…

Dear three-lettered-friend,

You don’t know how lucky you still are to be in one piece. It’s a good thing I have a lot of self-control. Please stop changing things that cause me to restart all of my calcs on the day the calc book is due. I will do it, but you d@mn well better not blame me if the book isn’t done due to this change. I already refused to start over once due to an unnecessary change you proposed yesterday, but I guess it was in vain. These changes would be less annoying if they weren’t going directly against things our boss has told us. Please, when we decide something just accept it, stop going back and questioning ad-infinium. Also, your “fast and stupid” work style means that I no longer trust anything that comes out of your mouth, because you’ve not really seriously considered it, and I know there’s a 50-50 chance you’ll rescind it and decide you were wrong anyway.

your “subordinate” for just 3 more little weeks…

PS I realize you (finally) had a good catch. If it wasn’t for all the other ones that weren’t good I’ve been dealing with I wouldn’t be upset. Also if it wasn’t the day the book was due that you thought about this. But mainly that first point.


OK. That feels better.

I am happy that I only have 3 weeks to go!

I am happy that I get to “draw” names for my first give-away this evening!

I am happy that my hubby is finally home!

I am happy that yesterday I got, not one, but two new clients!

I am happy that I have another Sunday afternoon doggy playdate on the beach with a friend scheduled!

I am happy that both of my classes this week went really well and helped me remember the joy of training!

I am happy that every single client I have met with this week went out of their way to express out-loud how much progress they saw and how incredibly happy with my services they were!

I am happy that I got a little tiny job that will be fun and hopefully open the door to more!

I am happy that I got to see some of my favorite coworkers yesterday, who I thought would be at their remote location until after I was gone!

See? Happy! That’s way more happy than I can usually pull out! :-D And that was non-stop without really trying!

Aloha, y’all!

My aloha Friday question for you:

If you could enter a give-away with any prize possible, what would be your ideal prize?

Mine are not super common, good fiction books would be the first (hence the topic of my give-away…). I love to read and I love recommendations and I just love love love owning books. Another great one would be puppy-stuff. Treats, toys, training tools, I love it all! I go into a pet store and I can’t leave!

How ’bout you? Let me know in the comments!

And finally, below I’ll put up the pics for Friday Follow and Follow-Me-Friday. That’s all the effort those two take :-D

If you want to play along with any of these memes, just click on the buttons to go to the host site!

(And don’t forget to go enter my give away!)


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A whole heap ‘o’ new memes

I recently discovered, through Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workship, an awesome new blog called My So Called Chaos. Last Friday Miss Angie participated in three different memes, all of which I thought were really cool, so this week I’m going to combine them into one awesome post!

First up: Happy hour!

As far as I can tell, this is just an opportunity to say what you’re happy about this week. Which is awesome. I can always use an excuse to focus on the positive!

I am happy that I made it through this week of exhaustion and stress!

I am happy that tomorrow I get to go on a doggy playdate with a new friend!

I am happy that I am married to the sweetest man on the planet, who takes such good care of me! (For more on why this is on my mind, read this post. Please do. It’s powerful. It’s OK, I’ll wait. *whistles* OK, back and feeling…well…feeling? Onward!)

I am happy that my puppy and I had one of our best weeks at agility! So fun to see a jump forward in progress after weeks of feeling stalled!

I am happy that my final class with three students went well. It was fun. The dogs were good. Everyone was happy. That’s how training should be!

I am happy that this weekend I can go to a dog show and not only see dogs compete in conformation, agility, rally, and formal obedience, but hopefully meet potential new clients! I want to wear a sign that says “Come here for dog training!” Think that would be tacky?

Hmm, as I look back through that’s a little skewed towards dog-oriented happies. Well…I guess that says something about me I already knew!

Next up: Dear So and So…

This just looks fun and therapeutic *rubs hands in glee*

Dear brain,

wtcrap?? I KNOW you’re tired. You tell me all day long. I’m listening. But you gotta work with me. You know those long stretches at night when I lie down and cuddle up to my hubby and puppy and don’t move for hours? That’s your chest to rest. Sleep. Recuperate. So if you could stop running and running and running during that time and just settle down, I think we’d both be happier.




your body

Dear office,

I appreciate you hiring me to do structural engineering when I only had a mechanical engineering degree (and a useless math one). It is what I wanted to do, and I still love the work. But I just cannot handle the stress and the time. I wish it were different. So I will be leaving within the year, to change my life and do more than just get through the days.

This is your heads up. I want to do right by you.

-an exhausted employee

Dear Toby,

I love you. You’re an awesome puppy. Really. But what is up with the last few nights? You know how we let you out right before bed to do your business? And then come up and settle in for the night? Where did the scratching to go back out 30 minutes later come from? Please take care of all your business before we go upstairs. And while I do love you licking me awake, please only do so after my alarm has gone off.

And thanks for your hard work in agility this week. It was noticed and appreciated.

Love you!

-your mama (woof!)

mmmmk, awesome. That is fun!

Last meme is pretty simple: Follow Me Fridays

You put up the link to your blog, and then click on the big ol’ listing of blogs and find some new ones to follow! Hopefully others will find yours and decide you’re awesome. If someone follows you, follow them back (just common politeness). The more you follow, the more followers you get! And we all know how obsessed with followers I am…

So that’s it! If you want to play along click on any of the pictures to go to headquarters. Add your story, add your link, and have some fun!

Just 5.5 hours to go til the weekend! Yee-haw!


I just found another meme…similar to “Follow me Friday” called…wait for it…Friday Follow!

If you hadn’t guessed the idea is basically the same. It’s simple, I’m finding lots of fun blogs through my other investigations, so I’m gonna play along with this one, too!


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