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I’m home on a Friday!

Why hello loyal bloggy readers! I’m finally home again on a Friday! It’s been awhile, the last two I was travelling, so I need to get back on the meme wagon.

First, lets talk about the one I don’t want to talk about:

OK, here we go:

Starting weight: 139.5 lb

Last week: 140.0 lb

This morning: 140.0 lb

Change from last week: 0 lb

Change from start: we’re not going there!

*sigh* I’ve been in the 139 area all week, but this morning, of course, the scale would not cooperate! It doesn’t help that yesterday was my birthday! so I totally overate at the amazing dinner that my hubby took me out to…and then the free caramel Sundae…and then the candy at the movie…*cough*

But things are going to get better now! Because do you know what arrived on my doorstep yesterday? My shiny new Wii Fit Plus! Holy crap it’s fun! I mean, not in a “Oh look, it’s a game!” kind of way, but definitely fun for a workout. And it appeals to all the obsessively-goal-oriented and competitive sides in me, what with all the little enticers. Things like the chart on the front that maps your BMI. Or how you stamp each day you check in. Or how your little time bank grows and changes as you work out more. Or how every. Single. Exercise/game has a leader board of scores! Seriously, last night the hubby and I plugged it in, and after we both did our set-up he opened a game. And instantly it was on. I refused to let him go to bed until I played every game he had played. So I could kick his ass we could compare. Yeah. It’s fun. I’m trying to play it little enough that it stays fun, instead of going nuts and burning out. But man. Fun. :-D

There, see how I smoothly transitioned us OFF of the topic of my weight? Yup. I’m good like that.

Up next.

Dear dysthemia-

Thanks for cutting me some slack! It’s been nice, I feel good today! I even felt good yesterday! Which was nice, what with it being my birthday and all, and what with it not being a day full of super fun things (not that you weren’t fun, refrigerator repair man!). Maybe I can deal with you without meds!

Your biggest anti-fan


Dear Toby-

I love you. So much. You are such a good, good boy. Thank you for helping me get through the hard early part of this week. It never ceases to amaze me how I can be spiraling down, and you either respond to my cue for help instantly, or sense what I need, and become the only thing that can pull me back up so I can get in control. Love you, baby!

your mommy

PS So sorry to nick your eyelid the other night while trimming your face/eyelashes! Thank you for being such a good boy and not freaking out, and even letting me finish trimming! I promise to be more careful in the future. *cuddle*


Dear new job-

I love working at you! I’m learning so much about health and nutrition…granted, it’s for animals, but the same basic principals apply to us! I mean, not the eat lots of protein and carbs are useless, but the meet your needs and your entire health/behavior will improve! I have seen the amazing change in my dog, going from a diet of Wellness (pretty high quality but with grain) to a half-and-half diet of Wellness and Acana (high quality grain-free) mixed with a tiny bit of wet food to spoil him. His plaque has disappeared. His energy level is higher, but in a good non-manic way. He’s softer. He’s just healthier. I can’t wait until the Wellness I have is gone and to see what happens when we go to a full Acana diet!

Makes me think maybe I should try it for me. New goal: Find a primary care physician who is more holistic, instead of just checking off a list of individual, separate symptoms, and assigning a drug for each, or telling me I’m “within normal levels” on each individual thing when the whole is not right.

Thanks for opening my eyes!

Your employee


Dear Wii Fit-

Thanks for rocking my socks off!

The soon to be fit-ter me!


Dear hubby-

Thanks for such a wonderful birthday. I had an awesome time with you last night. A really, really AWESOME time. You are the bestest hubby ever, and I am so lucky :-)

your wifey


OK, I think that’ll do for now.

Next up:

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?

Not being overly-pushy. Seriously, I really get annoyed with people who can’t take a hint and who keep pushing to have more and more and more time together. Let me enjoy the time we had, stop pushing for the next time! Everyone should be able to spend some time alone without freaking!

Can you tell I’ve had issues with this? In other people, not me. No, really! I err on the side of hiding in my home.

Otherwise, it’s mainly who I can relax and hang out with. Being non-judgmental of everyday things. Someone I can talk to and know that when I leave they won’t be gossiping about me. I am hard on friends. I have very few I’m really comfortable with. I <3 my bestest buds and can’t wait to see them again!

Which reminds me of my last criteria: Live near me. (Hint hint Erica!)

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?

How ’bout the last thing I returned and later regretted? As I’ve mentioned, I have a thing about books. I like owning the copy I read. But I also like them all to match. Well, my friend has me reading The Dresden Files. It’s OK, I’m not a huge fan, but they’re fun. Well, I was going on a trip and I needed the next one in the series, so I bought it at the airport bookstore, even though it was a weird-sized paperback. You know the ones where they’re too tall but the right width for a standard paperback? What is up with those?? So odd! Anyway, I wanted the right dimensions, and I’m not really attached to these books, so I had my hubby return it yesterday, assuming I could find the right size somewhere. Now, however, I’m realizing I can’t find it anywhere, even online! Argh! So if I have to have an oversized copy, I at least want my oversized copy! I’ll have to swing by and see if they still have it. :-P

As for buying things…I never regret buying things! Oh wait, I know, a Victoria’s Secret bra! I was with my mom and we went and had a great fitter, who totally understood women who don’t have much of a chest at all, and recommended good bras and how to fit. So I bought one. But then I got home, and realized the one I bought didn’t fit quite right. So I need to return it. Except my mom bought it and I paid her back with a check, so she could get the points. So I’m not sure if I can return it. Hmm, I should try. :-P

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?

No. My hubby takes good care of me, and makes sure people know not to do this. I couldn’t really handle it. The closest I’ve had is when I worked in a cleanroom for a summer job. I was an engineering intern, so I was in and out of the fab (cleanroom). One of my fab coworkers went around and told everyone one of my legs was shorter than the other. You know, the classic Eileen = I-lean joke? Except he didn’t tell it as a joke. He told it as a fact. Soon everyone around me believed it, and it took me awhile to catch on. Subtlest play on my name ever, it amused me :-)

4. What is your favorite theme park?

Not really a theme park kinda girl…heat + crowds = bleh. I did thoroughly enjoy Ocean Park in Hong Kong! Combination aquarium and theme park, that was a lot of fun. Dolphin shows, fun rides, cool jellyfish aquarium, it was just a good time!

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?

Not unless “A Baby Story” counts! I’m kind of curious about it. What with me getting more and more ready to go through it and all. It’s crazy how birth is now-a-days, from what I see. They are so involved. Thus far every episode I’ve seen ends in c-section. Even the ones that try for a “natural” birth with “no drugs” have used pitocin to speed up labor. Here this woman is dilated, so they’re about to break her water for her. What the heck? What ever happened to just letting it happen? I don’t want a home birth, because if something does go wrong I want to be right where I need to be, and I have no problem using pain meds, but I don’t understand how managed it all is anymore. I don’t want to pick my baby’s birthday ahead of or right on the due date so they don’t “get to big.” My brother and I were both 2 weeks late. It didn’t used to be a big deal. It’s like the facebook group says: “It’s a due date, not an expiration date!” So we shall see how my own goes, but I anticipate some arguments in my future. One thing I’ve learned from all my experiences: don’t just trust the “experts.” They’re just people doing their job like the rest of us. Pushing back is not bad.

So that’s it! To play along with any of the memes, just click on the buttons.

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Friday – the fat edition

Well HELLO lovelies! Let us take a trip down meme lane…

Dear new manager,

Thank you for hiring me! I am loving this job! I was actually kind of bummed because I didn’t get to go in yesterday. And Wednesday, when my shift was up, I didn’t want to leave, so you let me stay an extra hour. So cool! Can’t wait to see y’all again tonight!

your newest employee


Dear self,

Yo! You are trying to lose weight, here! And you were doing so good! I mean, kinda, but you were forming healthier habits and you actually lost. wtcrap happened? And why oh why did you stop and buy those cheetos? Well, now your shopping for the week is done, and no more, I mean it! There will only be healthy food in this house…once you’ve finished the cheetos and cookies…and coke totally counts as healthy…

Signed, try harder


Dear garden bed,

Please complete yourself. My hubby has a hard week ahead, and then we’re out of town the next two weekends. I’d like to get plants in the ground BEFORE June, so if you could just throw those last few screws together I’d be forever grateful. Or if you make us work on you, please, just slide together effortlessly. Your choice. I’m flexible.

your excited soon-to-be-user


Nothing like some letters to pretend things will change! I’m just going to sneak this next one in the middle here and hope you don’t notice it…

Real quick now:

Last week: 139.0
This week: 140.0
Difference: + 1.0

*sigh* Must…keep…good…habits. I hate exercising. Hate it. But now at work I throw around 30 pound bags of dog food and stand all day. That’s going to help, right? I mean, if I can stop eating crap all other times?

I will do better next week. Promise to try.

Now come on, you’ve seen my post of shame, go to either host and link up and try it out yourself! What’s the worst that happens? I’ve already done it! Alrighty, then!

Alright, a new meme…’cause I just can’t get enough!

1. Take your pick…date night, girls night out, or night out alone?

Hmmm, this one’s a bit weird for me…’cause normally I’d pick a night alone, what with nights alone being the most relaxing thing on the planet. But it says night out. Which means it’s gonna be a wee bit stressful no matter what. I’m thinking girls night out, only because my grrrrrls don’t live by me anymore :'( If I could get either to move their lazy butts over here, I would spend a night out with them in a heartbeat!!

2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Why yes I can, thank you for asking. This is a talent so oft under-appreciated.

3. What is your favorite flower and why?

I don’t know! I really like flowers with two colors in the petals, like one near the center and then one farther out…and no dinky tiny flowers, I like the big ones. But I don’t really have a specific one…or if I do I can’t think of it. Hubby could probably name it, he’s better at remembering such things :-)

4. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

Do what you love, not what gives you the status you feel you need. You have always loved animals. Always. The only thing that has changed is which animal is the focal of the obsession (it started as cats). So please, just because people go “ooooh!” when you say you’re an engineering student, and you had a great HS physics teacher and super crappy bio teacher…don’t stay in a program you hate..for the entirety of college! Here’s a hint: if you hate the school for it, you’re probably not going to love the job for it…

5. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you would do?

Ooooh, this one is hard! But probably open a SD training school. I’d love to do that! And with not having to worry about income, I could! And send my hubby down to umpire camp so he can try that out as a career. And buy a new house with a soaker tub. Mmmmm, soaker tub. Mmmm….. And maids! Hire maids!

Oh, and, um, give to charity. Of course. *cough*

And naturally, this is all after I finish screaming. :-D

OK, well that’s it for today, got to get myself together and run off to a private training session. Take care, y’all!!


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Back on the meme-wagon

So it’s my first week of freeeeedom! Woo-hoo! So nice. I’ve been enjoying not being at work/in front of a computer all day, and so I’ve, well, not been in front of a computer all day! Instead, I’ve been getting chores done, getting supplies for my raised bed, updating my website…getting all the stuff off of my to-do list that’s been on there for months! Just today I went and changed the lights in Companions! My main space is lit by 3 lights. Ever since I moved in, one has been burned out. Another has been dull/flickering/not reliably on. Then I have a back area that was pitch black, and it curved to get there so light from the front room didn’t reach there. Well, now I’ve changed the bulbs in the main room so it’s nice and bright, and hung a new light in the back room! Woo-hoo! Damn, look at me go!

What was the point of this post again?

Oh right, memes.

Well, today I’m puppy-less, so I’m going to spend some nice time with all you friendly people in my computer to soothe my loneliness. OK, let’s start out as we always do.

Dear sweet puppy,

I miss you. I have a hard time leaving you behind..even though I know you’re having fun. The new doggie daycare owner wanted another dog on hand to play with her single client for the day, and so you’re getting this day of play for free, but darn was it hard to walk out that door! I can’t wait to come pick you up and get some tired Toby cuddles!

your mommy


Dear whatever is blooming and wreaking utter HAVOC on my system,

GO AWAY. I hate HATE HATE not being able to breath. I almost never got sick as a child, and I never had allergies until a few years ago, so I don’t know how to handle this. Plus I have a hard enough time getting rest! Now you’re stopping me from sleeping peacefully! Please, just die off so I can breathe again. I like breathing. It improves my quality of life.

From someone who’s very sick of you


Dear sun,

Thank you for coming out to play. It is so pleasant being out and soaking up your rays. You can stay around if you’d like. Especially through Sunday when I’m planning a dog beach day.

your neon-white fan


Dear firefox,

What the hell, man? I downloaded the newest update, and now all my tabs are screwy! For awhile there when I opened a link in a new tab it popped up directly to the right of my current tab, and I didn’t flip over to it automatically. That was nice. It was right there, I could open several links and flip through them as each loaded, at my pace. Now the new tab is waaaaay at the end of my list of tabs, and it jumps me over there! So I have to keep scrolling back left to open each link. Let me tell you, I’m exploring a lot less on the internet because I’m sick of it. Please go back to normal. Please?

your #1 user

PS I have my settings set so you should NOT flip to said new tab. And yet you do. What the hell, man? What the hell?


Dear former office,

I can’t believe you guys just drove out a great drafter. He was so easy to work with, you could hand him chicken scratch and stick picturess and he turned them into beautiful, clear drawings. He even double checked things like your welds for you, since he’s seen so many he had an idea if what you called out didn’t make sense, and would just make a note fyi. As everyone knows, you can never have enough critical pairs of eyes on a drawing! But there were a few people who didn’t like his “attitude” (I don’t get it, I never saw any) and you listened to them. I wish you’d asked us others if we liked working with him (YES!) rather than just listening to the whiners. Especially since one of the main whiners was my three-lettered friend, who most of us underlings didn’t get along with in the first place. Sucks so bad for the drafter, and you really screwed him over, basically telling him to quit so he gets no severance or anything. And the job market sucks.


Former employee


I have lots to be happy about. Let’s focus on it!

I am happy that I can finally spend quality time with my husband! I think I’ve spent more quality time with him in the last week than I had in the previous year. If not, it’s close.

I am happy I can enjoy the sunshine because I’m home while it’s light!

I am happy I can plan and make dinners, rather than hubby just picking something up.

I am happy the grass seed has grown into real live grass in the backyard!

I am happy my hubby is willling to help me build an elevated garden bed in the backyard! Maybe I’ll actually get some crops this year!

I am happy that my puppy is so happy to be home with me more often!

I am happy that Companions is slowly but surely growing! (*knock wood*)

OK, now for the one I’m not so happy about:

*ahem* So. I’m slowly adjusting to being home more. I have a lot more opportunities to walk…but I have to take them. It’s not so much a natural part of my day anymore. Also, I keep playing that forget-to-eat-then-be-starving-and-stuff-my-face game. So in short….not much to show. But I haven’t gained. And quite frankly, if I continue not-gaining, I will be happy!

So, enough stalling.

Last week: 139.5
This week: 139.0

It’s an improvement! I mean, barely, but it is! And that kind of only counts the time that the scale read 139, rather than the 140-141 readings…shhh. This morning I got up and weighed myself..and 139. So of COURSE it’s today’s that counts! Naturally…

Anyway, yay losing weight! Now if I can keep it going. I’m slowly gaining good habits. Snack on fruit (I’ve got it all cut up and ready to go). Drink water instead of..anything else. Get out and go on walks. Park far away from where you’re going. Use the elliptical. It’s all coming. And hopefully it’ll help me lose!

Oh, and I totally take it back. I’m shooting for 130. Not 125. 130. I’m an adult. And my luscious hips may not allow for 125. Really, my goal is to fit into my old clothes, and to be able to buy new ones that I feel pretty in. I’m just thinking that’s going to happen more around 130 than 125.

There’s a Mr. Linky this week! So go to 2 much testosterone or Mommy Drinks Because You Cry and link up!

And finally, a quick cheater meme:


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Friday Fatties

OK, I’ve been trying to lose weight for..well…a couple years now. Unfortunately, I like food and being lazy more than I like looking good. At least in the moment the food is in front of my face. mmmm….food.


I was over at Christie’s blog and saw this fun smart new meme and figured, if I can sit and wish to myself I lost weight…while absentmindedly eating smarties (this example is from an hour ago, it’s not like such things are rare), clearly what I’m doing isn’t working. Desire isn’t working, feeling fat isn’t working, not having clothes that fit isn’t working…

Maybe some public humiliation will work!

So I bring you: Friday Fatties

Hosted by the newly discovered and hilarious Pamela over at 2 much testosterone.

In short, we post our weight up…and every Friday…post our weight. IN THEORY this will be a string of decreasing numbers. I like theory. It is my friend. We shall see if reality is, too.

So here we go, my 5’4″ (when I stretch) self is…….139.5 pounds.

I know, I know, not that bad…but I used to be in the 120 range. For a long time. And then I got older..and my metabolism slowed…and the weight started creeping up. And now I don’t look like me to myself, and none of my clothes fit, and I hate it! Argh!

On the up side, it is nice to have boobs. When I was skinny they disappeared when I laid on my back. Schloop! back into my chest! I mean, heck, now I can fill an A cup!

Also, to clarify, I have my mom’s body shape (hi, mom!). Aaaaaall of the weight is carried at the waist. So gaining some looks like gaining a lot.

ANYWAY, I would like to get back down into the 120s. Say 125. We won’t go all the way to 120…but 125 is doable. In theory. Again, with the friendly theory.

I will no longer be working as of 1 hour from now (unlike how I am this moment). I shall try to turn that to a healthier lifestyle ASAP. Get in the healthy routine! And then stay there!


Anyway, more home cooking what with more time, more going on walks with the dog what with more time/sunlight, more using the very nice (and expensive) elliptical we bought what with it being right in front of the TV and all, more not-sitting-on-my-ass-all day what with the I’m determined…you see how it goes. Going to make something happen, here!

In theory.

Hopefully this will help me get back to a body shape I like (preferably before I end up pregnant and it all goes to hell anyway). Hopefully it will help me sleep better. Hopefully it will help me be less fatigue-y all.the.time. Hopefully.

So go over and play along! Or just leave me a number in the comments. I’m hoping eventually there’s a Mr. Linky for this, ’cause I’d love to follow other people’s progress, and shamelessly beg for encouragement of my own…we’ll see how long I can keep up the posting. Public humiliation worked with the pedometer, though, got me walking! I owe it all to you friendly people in my computer.

And with that, I’m back to organizing everything I’ve done in the past two years, so that other people can find it when I’m gone. *sniff* Last day feels kind of like a funeral, I’m learning how much everyone here likes me. What with both my boss and the head of the company telling me I’m welcome back any time, along with several other managers. Makes it hard to leave when I realize how appreciated I am and how awesome my coworkers are. But I keep reminding myself, this is the right decision.

Don’t mind that ripping sound. It’s just me tearing away a large chunk of my identity.


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