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Back on the meme-wagon

So it’s my first week of freeeeedom! Woo-hoo! So nice. I’ve been enjoying not being at work/in front of a computer all day, and so I’ve, well, not been in front of a computer all day! Instead, I’ve been getting chores done, getting supplies for my raised bed, updating my website…getting all the stuff off of my to-do list that’s been on there for months! Just today I went and changed the lights in Companions! My main space is lit by 3 lights. Ever since I moved in, one has been burned out. Another has been dull/flickering/not reliably on. Then I have a back area that was pitch black, and it curved to get there so light from the front room didn’t reach there. Well, now I’ve changed the bulbs in the main room so it’s nice and bright, and hung a new light in the back room! Woo-hoo! Damn, look at me go!

What was the point of this post again?

Oh right, memes.

Well, today I’m puppy-less, so I’m going to spend some nice time with all you friendly people in my computer to soothe my loneliness. OK, let’s start out as we always do.

Dear sweet puppy,

I miss you. I have a hard time leaving you behind..even though I know you’re having fun. The new doggie daycare owner wanted another dog on hand to play with her single client for the day, and so you’re getting this day of play for free, but darn was it hard to walk out that door! I can’t wait to come pick you up and get some tired Toby cuddles!

your mommy


Dear whatever is blooming and wreaking utter HAVOC on my system,

GO AWAY. I hate HATE HATE not being able to breath. I almost never got sick as a child, and I never had allergies until a few years ago, so I don’t know how to handle this. Plus I have a hard enough time getting rest! Now you’re stopping me from sleeping peacefully! Please, just die off so I can breathe again. I like breathing. It improves my quality of life.

From someone who’s very sick of you


Dear sun,

Thank you for coming out to play. It is so pleasant being out and soaking up your rays. You can stay around if you’d like. Especially through Sunday when I’m planning a dog beach day.

your neon-white fan


Dear firefox,

What the hell, man? I downloaded the newest update, and now all my tabs are screwy! For awhile there when I opened a link in a new tab it popped up directly to the right of my current tab, and I didn’t flip over to it automatically. That was nice. It was right there, I could open several links and flip through them as each loaded, at my pace. Now the new tab is waaaaay at the end of my list of tabs, and it jumps me over there! So I have to keep scrolling back left to open each link. Let me tell you, I’m exploring a lot less on the internet because I’m sick of it. Please go back to normal. Please?

your #1 user

PS I have my settings set so you should NOT flip to said new tab. And yet you do. What the hell, man? What the hell?


Dear former office,

I can’t believe you guys just drove out a great drafter. He was so easy to work with, you could hand him chicken scratch and stick picturess and he turned them into beautiful, clear drawings. He even double checked things like your welds for you, since he’s seen so many he had an idea if what you called out didn’t make sense, and would just make a note fyi. As everyone knows, you can never have enough critical pairs of eyes on a drawing! But there were a few people who didn’t like his “attitude” (I don’t get it, I never saw any) and you listened to them. I wish you’d asked us others if we liked working with him (YES!) rather than just listening to the whiners. Especially since one of the main whiners was my three-lettered friend, who most of us underlings didn’t get along with in the first place. Sucks so bad for the drafter, and you really screwed him over, basically telling him to quit so he gets no severance or anything. And the job market sucks.


Former employee


I have lots to be happy about. Let’s focus on it!

I am happy that I can finally spend quality time with my husband! I think I’ve spent more quality time with him in the last week than I had in the previous year. If not, it’s close.

I am happy I can enjoy the sunshine because I’m home while it’s light!

I am happy I can plan and make dinners, rather than hubby just picking something up.

I am happy the grass seed has grown into real live grass in the backyard!

I am happy my hubby is willling to help me build an elevated garden bed in the backyard! Maybe I’ll actually get some crops this year!

I am happy that my puppy is so happy to be home with me more often!

I am happy that Companions is slowly but surely growing! (*knock wood*)

OK, now for the one I’m not so happy about:

*ahem* So. I’m slowly adjusting to being home more. I have a lot more opportunities to walk…but I have to take them. It’s not so much a natural part of my day anymore. Also, I keep playing that forget-to-eat-then-be-starving-and-stuff-my-face game. So in short….not much to show. But I haven’t gained. And quite frankly, if I continue not-gaining, I will be happy!

So, enough stalling.

Last week: 139.5
This week: 139.0

It’s an improvement! I mean, barely, but it is! And that kind of only counts the time that the scale read 139, rather than the 140-141 readings…shhh. This morning I got up and weighed myself..and 139. So of COURSE it’s today’s that counts! Naturally…

Anyway, yay losing weight! Now if I can keep it going. I’m slowly gaining good habits. Snack on fruit (I’ve got it all cut up and ready to go). Drink water instead of..anything else. Get out and go on walks. Park far away from where you’re going. Use the elliptical. It’s all coming. And hopefully it’ll help me lose!

Oh, and I totally take it back. I’m shooting for 130. Not 125. 130. I’m an adult. And my luscious hips may not allow for 125. Really, my goal is to fit into my old clothes, and to be able to buy new ones that I feel pretty in. I’m just thinking that’s going to happen more around 130 than 125.

There’s a Mr. Linky this week! So go to 2 much testosterone or Mommy Drinks Because You Cry and link up!

And finally, a quick cheater meme:


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