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Random Is-It-Really-Tuesday? Thoughts

Well Tuesdays are very busy for me, so I’ve had a hard time keeping up with RTTs. Today I forgot it even was Tuesday after the whirlwind of travel, but the posts in my reader say it is so here we go!

I love my new phone. LoveloveloveloveloveloveLOVELOVELOVELOVE it!!! It is so awesome. And amazing. It showed up early, literally minutes before we were leaving the house on Thursday to travel to Chicago. I’ve been using it since Saturday. And have I mentioned I LOVE it? Wow. It’s awesome. Thank you, Verizon.


My two weekends of travel were reversed from what I expected wrt fun. I was not looking forward to my brother’s wedding, and it was awesome. Awesome. Best wedding I’ve been to, excluding mine. They were just so. damn. HAPPY! Neither of them stopped smiling the entire time. It is impossible to not be happy at a wedding like that! Even if there is family drama with both families and it is spitting distance from Mexico in a state where we brought our passports just in case we didn’t look white unsuspicious enough. Last weekend of quiz bowl reading was meh. I think because I was so farking tired what with it being a group of the hubby’s friends who love to stay up til o-dark-thirty playing often stupid games since they need no sleep. So I was taking constant naps, even though I left early every night, I felt too anti-social not playing along at all. Lesson learned: if I go next year, don’t play along. Be your anti-social self. The fact that I punctured my heel Wednesday and spent the entire weekend walking with a cane so I didn’t collapse under the pain probably didn’t help, either.


We went to the MSI while in Chicago. Who wouldn’t want to go somewhere like this?

Oooooh! Weather room.

You know my favorite part? Watching two chicks be born. Aaaaaw…

Guess which egg hatched first? The one closer to the front of the photo. Not the one with the big hole already pecked out. That chick wanted it more!

Chick one breaks it open!

Chick two makes a break for it!

And he's out! See? Just look at the toe!

Chick one. Aaaaw...

Chick two claims freedom! With some nice eggshell accessories!

Chick one again. A-freaking-dorable!

Then they are de-slimed and turned into these!




I also saw this.

Pretty damn awesome. I love research that shows that happiness is more than a choice. Yes, you can choose to a large extent. But things like depression can take away a very large chunk of that choice.


I work at a pet store which is a foster home for kitties up for adoption from GGAA. There is one kitty named Parker. He is GORGEOUS. He and his brother were feral, but Parker is now perfectly nice, he just doesn’t like being picked up (his brother died). He is gorgeous. Just look at that coat!

A typical, alert Parker.

Look how striking his coat is! And the camera totally doesn't do it justice. The pattern is so unique!

He just brings a smile to my face with his joy at life. The way he moves, lounges, everything just exudes joy!

I have never been a cat person. (OK, take that back, I was obsessed with kitties as a child..but ever since being old enough to get a pet, cats didn’t really seem like it. Plus they shed. I’m spoiled with my non-shedding dog). But I kind of really want this one. Must…regain…senses…


Speaking of my non-shedding dog, he is zonked out at my feet. Zzzzz. He had a fun weekend with my favorite student and her dog. He was beside himself with excitement to see me….until his energy gave out and he collapsed. I love my puppy :-)


Please enjoy this brief intermission while Eileen goes to teach class. The post will resume in approximately one hour. Thank you.


Aaaah, that was nice. I love teaching. Even when I’m tired and don’t really feel like it. Moving on.


I love Glee!! It’s so awesome. My super-sweet hubby got me the Madonna CD one evening. Know why? Because I was run-down and having a bad day. That’s all. He knew I was down, so he got me a present. I love my hubby!

Anyway, I love the music. Love it. There are only 7 songs on the CD, and yet it’s in my car and I listen to it over and over. How can you not with songs like this?

(I’m grumpy I can’t find the video. Because it’s AWESOME. Just enjoy the music.)

“Satin sheets are very romantic, what happens when you’re not in bed?”

Mmmm, side-by-side with Madonna. Awesome.

OK, just one more:

Rachel and Finn, FTW!!!


I have a puppy class starting in 2 nights. I need more students. Desperately. Two just dropped out. Know anyone with a puppy who’d like a good puppy class in the North-of-Seattle area for a good deal? Send ’em my way! I’ll give them a deal and you some cash :-)


I’m watching this week’s Glee. It’s kind of lame thus far. Hoping it gets better.


Have I mentioned I love my phone? All the photos in this post were taken with it. Incredible, right?


I do random well when I’m sleepy. Zzzzzwhat? ‘night!



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Still alive

I’m still alive. Promise. Was gone all weekend, got back to insanity + exhaustion, blogging has taken the hit. But I’m here and good!


Saying “still alive” reminded me of this:

Such an awesome song. Even better if you’ve played Portal. It’s an fun little thinking/puzzle game, like 10 hours to beat the whole game, I recommend it. And “Still Alive” is available free for Rock Band! No need to thank me for all these hints.


My crabbing trip was lots ‘o’ fun! I’ll do a full post on it later, but in summary, Toby is a mighty crab hunter and even if you’re cold you can get a mean sunburn if the sun is out. We came back with 10 crabs for my coworker.


On a related note, if your face gets horribly sunburned, don’t wear hot pink to work the next day. On the upside, I was color-coordinated!


Remember that job I wasn’t going to take because it was too many hours and at too small a company? Just took it. Oh yeah. Such a feeling of peace and happiness and everything being settled when I called and accepted! They clearly really wanted me, because I called to decline and they changed the offer and were flexible for me. I’ll be working 12-15 hours a week, with a set schedule for each quarter so I can plan training/classes without constant worry about conflict. The pay isn’t great, but it wouldn’t be for any part time job I’m “qualified” for. It’s close to home, a fun place, the hours are right, the scheduling is right, and I’m happy. Plus they’re willing to wait until May 10th to start me, so I get a week off! This is the first time I’ve ever felt in power in negotiations, I always feel guilty asking for things (like not starting the VERY DAY I’m done with my current job), but this time I knew they wanted me and that made me feel good! Yay confidence! Yay job! Yay future not being (so much) up in the air!


One thing I will not miss is rush hour traffic. My new job is 10 minutes away. Right by Companions. All surface streets. Non-rush-hour hours. Yesterday it took me for.e.ver to get to work. The 10 minute trip to my bus (not even my office) took over 40 minutes. Boooo!


Peanut’s Pals is having its grand opening this weekend. If you live in Snohomish county you should come by! It’s complete with raffles, treats, and fun activities!


I should really be working right now.


People are starting to learn about me leaving my job. One coworker just came up all sad to talk with me and say goodbye (she’d just heard). It was really sweet. 5 weeks ago it would have made me cry, because leaving was such a hard decision to make. I thought it would get harder as it became more real. Not so much. I’m having a hard time keeping the glee off my face as I talk with these well-wishers! This is SO the right decision. Thank you, hubby, for being OK with the major hit in our income.


Speaking of glee….GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Tuesday nights.


Speaking of random, click the button to play along over at the UnMom’s!


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Too True Random Tuesday Thoughts

Woo-hoo, time for some fun! Random Thoughts Tuesday is brought to you by The UnMom, and Too True Tuesday is brought to you by The Accidental Mommy. I have decided, in the interest of time, to combine them.

The topics for this week’s TTT were inspired by yours truly, so I kinda have to play along (Plus I look forward to it all two-weeks). Hmmm. Must come up with things to say that won’t get me in trouble… The prompts:

This week, due to potential delicacy in subject matter, we will have multiple choice topics. Here they are:

  1. The best secret you ever kept from your parents
  2. Worst date stories
  3. Annoying Significant Other stories
  4. What I wish someone would have told me before I got married

My problem is both my mom (hi mom!) and my husband (hi hubby!) read my blog. So I must be delicate…why did I suggest these things?? Let’s start with safer randomness.

I really hate those random letter/word authentication things some people put on their blog comments. They can be hard to read, and it’s just an annoying extra step. I understand wanting to avoid spam, but I have my blog set up so that when a new person comments, I have to approve them as a real person with legitimate things to say. After that they’re free to go to town (please). Saves them some headache. It is especially annoying when you submit your comment, and then the verification box shows up. I don’t realize the comment didn’t go, and sometimes it ends up sitting there for hours until I notice! Then I get grumpy. You wouldn’t like me when I’m grumpy.


I am so meh about this interview this afternoon. I realize I should care. And I’m sure I’ll be nervous upon arrival. But quite frankly, right now I’m more concerned with dodging the “free” lunch, getting through today, getting my press releases out, organizing for all the changes coming in two weeks, etc., etc. The most thought I’ve given it is that I am happy it’s at a pet store so I can grab some treats for class, what with me forgetting my treat pouch in the fridge and all (oops!)


Honestly, I did not keep many secrets from my parents. I was convinced they would find out. I’m not sure how much was them and how much was me, but if I was in public I was sure that someone would see me do anything bad and it would get back to them. Really, even if I was in private I was thinking there could be someone’s video camera somewhere… Part of me knew this was irrational. Didn’t matter. I was totally paranoid. It’s similar to how I’m still totally paranoid everyone is watching/judging/storing away things on me.

One secret I do remember was the time I tried the berry-flavored chapstick. Not to use it as chapstick. Oh no. That thing smelled GOOD. But I was warned again and again not to eat it. So I grabbed it, snuck away, and took a big ol’ bite. I then freaked out, panicked, spit it out, and frantically washed my mouth. If anyone’s curious, it tastes nothing like berry. Liars.

Another, that I think I told her eventually, was an, *ahem* song that my brother and I used to sing for our babysitters. My parents had a really hard time finding sitters for is. No idea why. *whistles innocently* It might have something to do with how they were really strict about behavior (dad mainly) and so when babysitters came we could kinda cut loose and get the bad out of our systems! Anyway, one day I was walking somewhere, and this song just came to me. It was divinely inspired, I’m telling you!

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My shirt flew away and I couldn’t catch it….I couldn’t catch it….[removes shirt]

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My socks flew away and I couldn’t catch them…I couldn’t catch them….[removes sockss]

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My pants flew away and I couldn’t catch them…I couldn’t catch them….[removes pants]

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My underwear flew away and I couldn’t catch them…I couldn’t catch them….[removes underwear]

Ah, I can still hear the melody in my head! *stares off dreamily* If I remember correctly, we were usually stopped before the completion of the last verse. Our poor babysitters. We’d approach them, all innocent, and tell them we wanted to sing them a song. And then in unison, we’d start. Some weren’t the brightest…they couldn’t see where this was going and would be so shocked…


I love my puppy. But unless there is an axe murderer creeping up on our house, I do NOT want to hear him barking frantically at 2:30 AM. Squirrels can be dealt with in daylight, buddy.


I never really dated. My dad is from Iran. You know, where boys and girls aren’t allowed to spend time alone together unless they’re married? He wasn’t so into the whole dating thing unless you were actively seeking a spouse. I had “boyfriends,” 3 that I count, and 1 I even went to a dance with, and once I think a movie. That was the extent of my “dates” pre-hubby. My hubby and I went on a few dates before we were married, but even then it was mostly just hanging out at his house, or going somewhere as an excuse to hang out since hanging out wasn’t enough of a reason to get together for my dad. And all our post-married dates are fun and awesome and relaxy! So sorry. No fun date stories. I want to read yours, though, so go link up!


Hmmm, annoying hubby habits…I mean, he doesn’t really have any. Nothing I’d classify as “annoying,” and he’s so damn good at adapting to me! I think the closest I could come is his weird interest in sports. I mean, really? Sports? What’s the point? They’re so silly. But evenĀ  though that’s kinda maybe annoying in theory, that he’s super awesome about in practice, not watching incessantly or discussing with me at-length. I am not a sports widow. That takes self-control on his part. Thanks, hubby!


I am very, very excited to be partnering with the doggie daycare that’s moving in. And then my groomer, who has sent me a client and who I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in the area because she is incredible, just talked with me while I was scheduling Toby’s next haircut, and she’s thinking about expanding her own services in ways that might be helpful to me. HMMMM! Really, I love this world I’m moving in to!


Going crabbing this weekend should be fun, if you ignore how dirty and matted Toby is going to get. But I NEED that time to get stuff done. Crap. Not sure how this is all going to work out. I keep thinking, “I’ll do that this weekend” and then I remember, I have no time this weekend!

I mean, if I had a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon right now, I could use it as a mobile hotspot in the car and get work done…


Things I wish I’d known about marriage before getting married:

  • Going to bed angry really is a bad idea, not just a cliche
  • You know your spouse-to-be doesn’t like all the same foods as you, but it becomes much more important when you’re eating dinner together every night and half of your go-to meals are out
  • You may know your spouse-to-be is not a morning person, but until you have to drag yourself out of bed while they blissfully slumber on this will not really hit home.
  • Putting a TV in the bedroom is a great idea, just don’t hook it up to get TV. Late night cuddles and movie/Glee/House watching is awesome, and can’t be replicated on a couch.
  • Things that you take as givens will be totally foreign to your spouse. Be ready for, “What do you mean __________?!?!?!” conversations :-)
  • You cannot underestimate the importance of weekend getaways. Even if you’re only getting an hour or two away.
  • Money is the hardest thing to agree on. It is very easy to feel bitter. I thought we were prepared for this, and we talked about it before we were married, but it’s an order of magnitude above what’s expected. We have come to an awesome place of agreement, but it’s after many long budget talks! To help, make a budget and track it. Then there’s less questioning every purchase.


This looks awesome. Everyone should watch tomorrow. Service dogs do incredible things for such a wide range of disabilities!


I am now heading off to a fake lunchtime appointment to avoid a “free” lunch. Follow the links above to play along! Happy Tuesday!


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Random Tuesday Thoughts – Truly Random

Okiday, time for RTT! I know I did random thoughts yesterday..but..I’ll try to keep these shorter in the spirit of the meme :-)

One of my most fervent hopes when I am no longer working full-time is that I will have the energy to keep my house cleaner and cook regularly. I hate eating crap all the time, and I really do love it when we eat a home-cooked meal…I just never have the energy to make one. And I love things being organized, the messy house is driving me CRAZY but it’s so far down my priority list (which is currently topped by “survive”).


Yesterday I applied to a job at a pet store. Mmmm, puppies. I think you all know how I feel about those. Keeping my fingers cross. I actually dumbed-down my resume to try to avoid the, “You’re too smart for this job” response. (PS The store does not SELL puppies. I hatehatehate puppy mills, and every single pet store that sells puppies buys from mills or irresponsible breeders. Period.)


Last night I booked a hotel in southern Washington where my family is going to meet up with my dad to spend a weekend crabbing in a few months. I love crabbing, remember doing it when I was a kid before we moved away from the coast. But I don’t like crab. So we catch ’em, and I don’t have a hard time finding willing volunteers to take whatever I catch! On a related note: I am very interested to see how Toby reacts to a pot full of crabs scuttling at him…


I think I’m insane. I decided I wanted to move my classes from being on Thursday nights to Tuesday nights (I got more students when they were on Tuesdays). But because of how timing worked out, my last 3 weeks at work will have me teaching one class on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. Argh! Couldn’t I have gotten at least 2 back to back?


This is a suggestion to anyone getting married soon: plan your wedding near an airport unless you really have almost all of your family in-town. I love my brother and want to support him at his wedding, but 6+ hours of very expensive travel does not a happy-me make.


Thanks to those who commented yesterday…I know it was just little stuff, but it totally made me smile. :-)


I’ve been talking with my uncle a bit more recently. He’s a cool guy. I don’t know him well, because he always avoided family gatherings in the past (my mom’s family is 7 kids, one boy, 5 girls, and then this boy) for many reasons. He’s a super-smart engineering-type who’s also not Christian after a Christian upbringing, and it’s interesting to talk with him. We’ve been realizing we agree on a lot via facebook. Looking forward to seeing him at the wedding.


You know what else I really want to do when I’m home a bit more? And I mean really? Get my house decorated. We have been here for a year and a half, and yet we still have only one picture on our walls. That picture was a wedding gift, and when we were putting away wedding gifts I grabbed a nail and hung it. But nothing else. We have lots of things TO put up, we just haven’t done it. I’d also like to get some potted plants…having potted plants around just makes me happy! They’re all over my office and I smile when I walk by them. I like the alive feeling.


I am getting seriously grumpy at AT&T as my phone dies a little more every day. I wish they’d just announce when the Palm Pre Plus is coming out. I don’t care if it’s June I just want to know. If it’s far away I’ll get a basic phone that works for the interim, but I don’t want to spend $$ on that phone and have them announce it’s out next week…


Well, those were short for me!


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Random Tuesday Thoughts (shhhhh!)

I am going to follow the lead set over at Tiptoeing Through the Tulips and participate (for the first time!) in Random Tuesday Thoughts…on Monday.

I’m busy. I’m tired. I have a bunch of random thoughts. And besides, Too True Tuesday is going on tomorrow. (Essie, I get way too excited about this!)

So, without further ado:

First, I’m very excited that today I got my first interview request from a job I applied to! Even better, I just applied to this job last night, so I’m EXTRA excited given that! It’s a job teaching small groups of ~ 3 students at a study center (evidently people actually use them, who knew?), the possibilities of which I’m cautiously very eager about. I love teaching, as I mentioned before, and they supposed minimum pay is about 75% what I’m making now. So if that works out, it would be amazing!


There are many things I could be teaching, including SAT prep. Given this, when they wrote me to request an interview (yes, they WROTE! I love these people!) they told me I would have to take the SAT after the interview. So now it’s SAT, take two!


There are so many things I want to do in life. The first is going to have to be finding the energy to do all the others. :P


One of the things I’d love to do is therapy dog work. I have wanted to do this since I was about 13, but kids aren’t allowed to. Now I will actually have time…in theory. I’m going to MAKE SURE I have time so I can do this!


I don’t understand people acting crazy. But I really don’t understand people defending people who are acting crazy. I know there are always people who are on fringes and do messed up things like screaming “nigger” and “faggot” at congressmen and threatening to send snipers to kill congressmen’s children…but how can so many mainstream people defend them? When people do crazy things, even if I agree with their stance/motivation I’m going to call them crazy and distance myself from them.

I would just like us to all stop taking sides. All I want for Christmas..but I want it sooner…so how ’bout all I want for Spring is our country holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Figuratively. Though if literally is what it takes, that could be fun, too.


I am so proud of myself. I did not watch TV this weekend! Well, I did for about an hour and a half on Sunday night, but that’s because I was folding laundry and really, that’s far too mindless to do without something else going on.


The REASON I didn’t watch TV this weekend is…..I was busy finishing the Twilight series.

And now for my review. I’m going to group all four books together.

First off, I am a book snob. Total snob. TOTAL snob. There are exactly three series I will heartily recommend. One stand-alone book. And all of them only to audiences I think would appreciate them. So while I read a lot of books, I really like very few. (We are talking fiction here. I don’t have a lot of experience with non-fiction). I’ll casually recommend some, and say they’re fine, because quite honestly, to people who love books, you need lots of material or you eventually get bored, but that doesn’t mean I think they’re amazing.

Now, with that said: I. Loved. Twilight.

The whole series.


And I do not say that easily. If you remember I came to this series kicking and screaming. I did not want to read it. I made fun of one of my bestest buds for liking it. Despite that she sent me a copy of Twilight for Christmas, knowing that if it was sitting around and she pressured me enough, I’d eventually pick it up.

So now I say to her, “Thank you, hot momma!”

Now let me clarify. This series has no deeper meaning. No issues to explore. Nothing to make you think. No value at all.

Except it makes you happy.

And you know what? Sometimes that’s enough.

If all you want is some brain candy..well..this is incredibly well written brain candy, for those who love a good love story. And I do mean a good love story. Don’t think about it too deeply. It’s a love-at-first-sight kind of thing that develops. But if you’ll suspend reality and just accept that such perfection can exist…these books will Such a powerful love story.

At first the main character is whiny. Stick with it. By 150 pages in, you will be hooked. If you’re may well never be. But I sure was! At the start of the second book, she is kind of whiny again. But if you’ve been sucked in, you can understand why. And she is trying. After that, she grows up a lot…but she’s still a teenager. And I like that. She’s not perfect. She’s a person. She has flaws. She doesn’t have enough self-confidence. She is bad at bouncing back. She doesn’t always think things through the best. Sound like any teenager you’ve ever heard of? Yeah. But she grows. She develops. And her love story is so. Good.

The world is pretty well-thought-out, and the plot just sucks you in. The books are primarily a love story, and there is other action which gives the rise in tension and resolution in each book. Those are fun, too. And if I haven’t said it enough, love story = amazing. That also develops, it starts out maybe unbelievably strong (to those of you romance-haters out there), but then it grows, they learn each other, they learn to compromise, things continue to develop.

So I will say it with pride now: I love the Twilight series. If you are looking for a deep, “good” book, this isn’t where you want to go. If you want a great, powerful, overall happy escape that doesn’t make you think but just lets you leave where you are and go somewhere amazing, this book is for you. As long as you like romance.

I am currently re-reading it. Finished yesterday, picked up the first one and re-started today. It’s even better this second time through. Makes me wish I had the ability to visualize things (I’m one of those rare people who is not capable of making pictures in her head) because some of these scenes I’d love to play out in my mind. But that’s OK. I’ll just reread them over and over.

If you’ve been holding out, just give them a try. Acknowledge what it is, well-written brain candy, and enjoy it for that. If after 150 pages you don’t, you tried. But this book is for far more than teenage girls, in my opinion.


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