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Religious freedom for all! Oh wait, but not them…

There has been a giant outcry by Catholics recently that the federal government is attacking them by not allowing insurance companies who are contracting with organizations who are affiliated with the Catholic church to have an exemption to the new national requirement that all health insurance plans cover birth control pills. They say that forcing someone to pay for an insurance plan which covers something they find sinful is a breach of the separation of church and state. They are screaming for religious rights for the employer to not pay for a plan which allows for birth control, even if the employer does not have to pay for the birth control coverage and the insurance company has to pay for it themselves.

Fine, the rights of the employer outweigh the rights of the employee if the employers rights are based in religious belief. But if we’re going to defend fringe Catholics’ beliefs (and I say fringe because 98% of American Catholic women have used birth control other than NFP) let’s defend all religions’ beliefs.

If an employer is a Jehovah’s Witness, they should not have to pay for insurance which covers blood transfusions.

If an employer does not believe in vaccines for religious reasons, they should not have to pay for insurance which covers vaccination.

If an employer is a Christian Scientist, they should not have to pay for insurance which covers any type of traditional or non-traditional medicine (other than that provided by Christian Science Practitioners).

After all, if you were employed by a Christian Scientist, or an organization affiliated with the Christian Science church, I’m sure you would be happy to be denied any real health care in the name of defending freedom of religion, even while the entire rest of the country was guaranteed it.

As we all know, separation of church and state means that anyone can ignore the state for any reason if they do it in the name of the church. Don’t they teach that in public schools any more?

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